What is the coolest Happy Birthday song?

What is the coolest Happy Birthday song?

Best birthday songs of all time, ranked

  1. ‘Birthday’ by The Beatles.
  2. ‘Happy Birthday’ by Stevie Wonder.
  3. ‘In Da Club’ by 50 Cent.
  4. ‘It’s My Party’ by Leslie Gore.
  5. ‘Happy Birthday’ by Altered Images.
  6. ‘Birthday’ by Destiny’s Child.
  7. ‘Birthday’ by Twista.
  8. ‘Happy Birthday’ by ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic.

How many versions of the Happy Birthday song are there?

six versions
published and copyrighted all six versions of Happy Birthday To You (HBTY), crediting Mildred and Patty as the authors. 4. According to some scholars, the tune may be derivative of other 19th-century works.

Is Twinkle Twinkle the same tune as Baa Baa Black Sheep?

They’re the SAME. TUNE. It’s also Baa Baa Black Sheep, just to make your brains completely explode.

What is the name of the happy birthday song?

Good Morning to All
The melody of “Happy Birthday to You” comes from the song “Good Morning to All”, which has traditionally been attributed to American sisters Patty and Mildred J. Hill in 1893, although the claim that the sisters composed the tune is disputed.

What are the best Happy Birthday songs?

“Happy Birthday to You” (Traditional)

  • “Happy Birthday,Mr. President” by Marilyn Monroe
  • “Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder
  • “Happy Birthday” by Altered Images
  • “Happy Birthday We Love You” by Daniel Dancer
  • “Happy Birthday” by the Chipmunks
  • “The Happy Happy Birthday Song” by The Arrogant Worms
  • What are the lyrics to something by the Beatles?

    Then they had the person go to the hill accompanied by a friend and something surprising happened Don’t be the fool on the hill, alone, seeing the sun go down (more lyrics from the Beatles). Grab a friend, go for coffee, invite someone to dinner

    Is there a “best” Beatles song?

    Which must, surely, include half the world or more. Here, CHRISTOPHER STEVENS explores the stories behind some of the Beatles’ best-loved songs. LET IT BE 1970 Paul McCartney says he sees ‘each new song as a puzzle’. He explains: ‘It would illuminate

    What songs are on the Beatles Christmas album?

    “The Beatles’ Christmas Record” – 5:00

  • “Another Beatles’ Christmas Record” – 4:05
  • “The Beatles’ Third Christmas Record” – 6:26
  • “Pantomime: Everywhere It’s Christmas” – 6:40