What is the difference between 11350 and 11377?

What is the difference between 11350 and 11377?

There is very little difference in substance between the statutes, except that unlike section 11350, which is most often charged as a felony (unless the drug is a certain class of barbiturates), section 11377 can be charged as a misdemeanor.

What is pc 3058. 9?

(a) Whenever any person confined to state prison is serving a term for the conviction of child abuse pursuant to Section 273a , 273ab , 273d , or any sex offense identified in statute as being perpetrated against a minor victim, or as ordered by any court, the Board of Prison Terms, with respect to inmates sentenced …

Is pc1000 a conviction?

In order for to fulfill the terms of Penal Code 1000, a person must enter a “guilty” plea and in return the court will not enter a judgment of conviction. The person must then complete a 12 week drug treatment course, refrain from being arrested for 18 months, and then pay a fee to the court.

What is pc1210?

The voters of California passed Proposition 36, which created a special court for nonviolent drug possession offenses, called Penal Code section 1210 court. Penal Code 1210 is a sentencing law that requires the court to sentence you at first to probation and drug treatment rather than to jail or prison.

What is PC 148.9 A?

Penal Code 148.9 PC – Busted for giving cops a false ID? Under Penal Code 148.9 PC, it is a criminal offense if you knowingly provide false identification to a California police officer. This offense is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1000.00.

How much does PC1000 cost?

Benefits of the Class

Program Price
PC1000 DEJ Program $395.00
PC1000 DEJ Program (Spanish) $395.00

What is a PC1000?

Penal Code 1000 PC is California’s “pretrial diversion” law. It allows eligible defendants arrested for low-level drug crimes the opportunity to have their charges dismissed if they successfully complete drug treatment. Before 2018, Penal Code 1000 was known as “deferred entry of judgment” (“DEJ”).

How long is Prop 36?

Prop 36 is a maximum two-year program, whereas Penal Code 1000 PC DEJ is an 18-month to three-year program. Proposition 36 requires the judge to sentence you to formal probation while you participate in treatment . . . but you are not sentenced to probation when you participate in Penal Code 1000 PC drug diversion.

What is pc1000 program?

This is a deferred entry of judgment program under Penal Code 1000.1. The purpose of the program is to provide drug abuse education and counseling services as an alternative legal action to first time offenders.

How long are PC1000 classes?

The PC1000 program consists of 32 hours of education and counseling activities, self-help meetings and random drug testing.