What is the Federation called in Star Trek?

What is the Federation called in Star Trek?

the United Federation of Planets
In the fictional universe of Star Trek the United Federation of Planets (UFP) is the interstellar government with which, as part of its space force Starfleet, most of the characters and starships of the franchise are affiliated.

Is there money in the Federation Star Trek?

Franchise creator Gene Roddenberry established that the Federation has no currency and that everyone simply pursues their passion without compensation long ago. Federation citizens are supplied with all their basic needs met, at no cost.

Was the Federation president Klingon?

The President of the Federation according to the Memory Alpha website, is actually an Efrosian, and not a Klingon.

What is Earth called in Star Trek?

Star Trek Timeline [INTERACTIVE] Earth, also known as Sol III or Terra, was the inhabited third planet of the Sol system. Earth was the homeworld of the Humans and the Voth, among others, and was the capital planet of the United Federation of Planets and the home of Starfleet Headquarters from 2161 to 3089.

Do countries still exist in Star Trek?

The countries still exist, at least in name. Though they are all governed under a single set of Earth laws which don’t differentiate between regions. There are a number of place names mentioned in a contemporary context which are independent nations in our time: Canada, France, New Zealand, etc.

Does the Federation have an army?

The Federation has never been shown to have a standing army. Captain Picard stated that “Starfleet is not a military organization, its purpose is exploration” in TNG: “Peak Performance”, despite Starfleet using military ranks and procedures and always appearing as the Federation’s first line of defense.

How does Quark make money?

Quark made Starfleet pay for their fun on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Quark didn’t give gifts very often, so Starfleet absolutely paid for all of their wants and needs at Quark’s bar on Deep Space Nine. Since the Federation didn’t use money internally, how did those abroad get what they need?

Does the Federation ever make peace with the Romulans?

They were given permission to colonize certain parts of Mars or return to Vulcan. Most Romulans chose Mars. By the late 26th century, the race was no longer considered endangered. But still, some Romulans refused to make peace with the Federation, and have colonized their own planets.

Does Earth exist in Star Trek?

Earth. In the Star Trek universe, Earth is home to Starfleet Headquarters; the real Earth is, at least so far, the only life-bearing world we know.

How is there no money in Star Trek?

So how’s that work? A lot of science fiction shows present a darkly dystopian view of the future, where humans battle for limited resources, starkly divided between the haves and have-nots. But some views of the future are far more utopian.

Are Klingons members of the Federation?

The Klingons began as the signature enemies of Star Trek’s Federation, but they eventually evolved into partners and allies. Along with the Romulans, the Klingons were created to be the mortal enemies of the Federation in Star Trek.

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One bar of gold-pressed latinum is equal to twenty strips or 2,000 slips of latinum. (CCG set: Rules of Acquisition, card: “Gold-Pressed Latinum”) The exchange rate for bricks is unknown, but Quark implies that bricks are worth considerably more than bars.

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It is explained that certain items can not be replicated based on materials on board. Latinum is explained as the most Dense and heavy substance in the Universe. For this reason, the Replicators would need something just as dense atomically or greater to replicate. Which is impossible.