What is the formula for joules to calories?

What is the formula for joules to calories?

To convert a joule measurement to a calorie measurement, multiply the energy by the conversion ratio. The energy in calories is equal to the joules multiplied by 0.239006.

What is 1 joule equal to in calories?

0.238 calorie
1 Calorie/kcal = 4.2 kilojoules. Therefore 1 joule=1/4.2 calorie. That is 0.238 calorie which is equivalent to 0.24 calorie.

Does 1 joule equal 3 calories?

Because heat is a form of energy, it can be converted to joules. If 4.186 calories are in one joule, then 0.2389 calories are in one joule. To find calories per joule, divide calories by joules: 1/4.186=0.2389 cal/joule. Because 4.186 joules is equal to one calorie, this is the number of calories in one joule.

How do you convert kJ to calories?

The formula to change kilojoules to calories is quite simple. Since one Cal is equal to 4.184 kJ, you just need to divide the kilojoule value by 4.184 to get the Cals equivalent. Dividing by 4.184 is the same as multiplying by 0.239.

Is there an app to convert kJ to calories?

Pocket Cal kJ 4+

How many calories are equal to 1 joule?

1 joule (J) is equal to 0.23885 calorie (cal). 1J = 0.23885cal The Energy E in calorie (cal) is equal to the Energy E in joule (J) times 0.23885, that conversion formula:

How to convert joules to Calories (Cal)?

Type in your own numbers in the form to convert the units! Quick conversion chart of joules to calories 1 joules to calories = 0.2389 calories 5 joules to calories = 1.19451 calories 10 joules to calories = 2.38903 calories 20 joules to calories = 4.77806 calories 30 joules to calories = 7.16709 calories 40 joules to calories = 9.55612 calories

How many kcal in joules?

The joules unit number 4,186.80 J converts to 1 kcal, one kilocalorie. It is the EQUAL energy value of 1 kilocalorie but in the joules energy unit alternative. 1 kilocalorie to joules = 4,186.80 J

What is the formula of 1 joule?

1 thermochemical calorie = 4.184 J

  • 1 International Table calorie = 4.1868 J
  • 1 W⋅h = 3600 J (or 3.6 kJ)
  • 1 kW⋅h = 3.6 × 106 J (or 3.6 MJ)
  • 1 W⋅s = 1 J
  • 1 ton TNT = 4.184 GJ