What is the hryvnia?

What is the hryvnia?

The hryvnia was introduced during the period when Viktor Yushchenko was the chairman of National Bank of Ukraine.

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What is hryvnia (kopiyok)?

The hryvnia is subdivided into 100 kopiyok. It is named after a measure of weight used in medieval Kyivan Rus’ . The currency of Kyivan Rus’ in the eleventh century was called grivna.

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How can I order Ukrainian hryvnia?

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What happened to the hryvnia?

On 18 March 2014, following its annexation by Russia, the new Republic of Crimea announced that the hryvnia was to be dropped as the region’s currency in April 2014. The Russian ruble became the “official” currency in annexed Crimea on 21 March 2014. Until 1 June 2014, the hryvnia could also be used for cash payments only.

What is the difference between hryvnia and grívna?

The National Bank of Ukraine has recommended that a distinction be made between hryvnia and grívna in both historical and practical usages. The nominative plural of hryvnia is hryvni ( Ukrainian: гривні ), while the genitive plural is hryven’ ( Ukrainian: гривень ).