What is the key advantage of a self tailing winch?

What is the key advantage of a self tailing winch?

A self-tailing winch holds the line in place by itself. This means you don’t need to hold the line while you’re turning the winch, or need an extra pair of hands for pulling the line. Because of this, a self-tailing winch allows you to sail short-handed (solo).

How do you grease winches?

Squeeze some winch grease into a bowl and apply it with a paint brush. Apply grease to the teeth of each gear and also to the shaft on which the gear sits. If the winch is big enough that the gears have bearings, grease the bearings too. DO NOT grease pawls and springs.

How much is a self tailing winch?

Lewmar EVO Self-Tailing Winch – Size 30 – Chromed Bronze
Drum Material: Chromed Bronze, Type: 2-Speed, Self Tailing Base Diameter: 5-7/16″, Height: 5-3/4″ Line Size: 5/16″ – 1/2″ Model #: 49530056 Item #: 615300 FREE OneTouch Winch Handle with purchase of select Lewmar products.

Why are sailboat winches so expensive?

They’re all expensive, because they are well-made precision equipment. They’re also among the most frequently retrofitted items; it’s worth repeating here that an oft-heard saying aboard a lot of sailboats is that the winches they came with are not big enough.

How often should winches be serviced?

Depending on use, winches should be serviced once or twice per year, although some weekend sailors stretch it to once every two to three years. They are easy and quick to service yourself; they require few or no tools, and can usually be completed in about 20 minutes per winch once you get the hang of it.

What does winched mean in Scottish?

The Scottish Dictionary defines the word winch as a verb meaning “to court or date”.

How do Winchers work?

The cable wire is pulled out and attached to the object you plan on towing. Once attached, the motor is turned on to turn the spool and pulls the cable back towards the vehicle and neatly around the drum. The item being towed comes along for the ride.

Do you need a part for your Lewmar winch?

Your shopping cart is empty! At P2 Marine we understand that when you need a part for your Lewmar winch, you need it delivered quickly. This is why we stock all of the most common parts required to keep your winches in service, and we place weekly orders to fill in for less common and special order parts.

What does screw off top cap mean on a Lewmar winch?

A screw off top cap means that no tools are required to strip the winch. All Lewmar Ocean manual winches can be serviced above deck without having to unbolt the winch. What carries the full load on a Lewmar winch?

What is wavespring on Lewmar winch?

Lewmar’s self-tailing jaws incorporate our ‘Wavespring’ solution. This is where the jaws are held together by spring tension which self-adjusts to grip the size of the rope used. How many speeds does the electric winch have? One speed electric drives provides adequate power and speed for winches up to Size 64.

Where can I buy a manual for my Lewmar product?

Estos manuales pueden obtenerse dirigiéndose a su distribuidor Lewmar local. Para los modelos no mencionados aquí y los modelos anteriores, rogamos contacten a sus oficinas Lewmar para detalles de mantenimiento.