What is the landscape and climate of Indonesia?

What is the landscape and climate of Indonesia?

The climate of Indonesia is almost entirely tropical. The uniformly warm waters that make up 81% of Indonesia’s area ensures that temperatures on land remain fairly constant, with the coastal plains averaging 28 °C, the inland and mountain areas averaging 26 °C, and the higher mountain regions, 23 °C.

What is Indonesia’s landscape?

Indonesia has many high mountains, the highest of which are over 4000 metres. Many of them are active volcanoes. There are tropical rainforests and jungles, as well as swampy mangrove areas. Indonesia’s most fertile land is on the island of Java.

What type of climate is Indonesia?

Indonesia’s climate is largely hot and humid, with rainfall occurring mostly in low-lying areas and mountainous regions experiencing cooler temperatures. The cities of Jakarta, Ujung Padang, Medan, Padang, and Balikpapan have an average minimum temperature of 22.8°C and a high of 30.2°C.

What is the climate of the Indonesian islands?

Indonesia is split by the equator, which results in a tropical climate across the archipelago with relatively even temperatures year-round. Inland and around the mountainous regions, temperatures average at 26°C (79°F) while the coastal regions averaging 28°C (82°F).

What type of landform is Indonesia?

Indonesia is a huge archipelago of volcanic islands, which when combined are slightly larger than the country of Sudan and about one-fifth the size of the United States. The country’s islands stretch some 3,200 miles (4,800 kilometers) along the equator south, east, and west of Malaysia.

Does Indonesia have 4 seasons?

Being a tropical country, Indonesia does not have spring, summer, autumn, or winter, instead of just the two seasons of Rainy and Dry, both of which are relative.

What type of landform Does Indonesia have?

The geographically fragmented nation of Indonesia consists of over 17,500 islands — 6,000 of which are inhabited — strewn throughout the seas and straits between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Straddling the equator, this exotic archipelago encompasses myriad landforms, such as lowlands, mountains and volcanoes.

What is the average weather in Indonesia?

Being that Indonesia is located near the Equator, the day lasts 12 hours throughout the year, and the sun sets quite soon. However, the sun’s rays are very strong, especially in the mountains. The temperature is stable, with lows around 22/25 °C (72/77 °F) and highs around 30/32 °C (86/90 °F) all year round.

Does Indonesia have extreme weather?

Extreme rainfall followed by the strong wind, thunder and tidal waves caused floods, slides, and storms in Indonesia. If disasters happened, fatalities, natural loss, and material loss cannot be prevented. Since 1970 – 2019, 11.000 disasters have happened because of extreme weather.

What is Indonesian winter like?

Winter Weather in Jakarta Indonesia. Daily high temperatures are around 89°F, rarely falling below 87°F or exceeding 92°F. The lowest daily average high temperature is 89°F on July 13. Daily low temperatures are around 75°F, rarely falling below 72°F or exceeding 78°F.

Are there deserts in Indonesia?

Along with its mesmerizing beaches, tranquil and lush mountains, as well as exciting cities, there are some beautiful deserts you must visit in Indonesia.

Why is the weather in Indonesia so hot?

“Heat temperatures that occur in the territory of Indonesia are a phenomenon due to the apparent motion of the Sun which is a regular cycle and occurs every year, so the potential for hot air temperatures like this can also be repeated in the same period every year,” he said.