What is the literacy rate of KPK?

What is the literacy rate of KPK?

According to recent reports, KPK’s literacy rate is 50%.

What is the literacy rate in 2013?

The literacy rate in India has risen to 73 per cent in comparison to 64.8 per cent in 2001. While male literacy rate stands at 80.9 per cent, which is 5.6 per cent higher than the previous census, the female literacy rate has been recorded at 64.6 per cent, an increase of 10.9 per cent since 2001.

Which district has highest literacy rate in KPK?

However, Abbottabad district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has the highest literacy with 76.20 percent as compared to other districts of KP.

What is the literacy rate in Pakistan according to Pakistan?

The current literacy rate of Pakistan is 62.3 which mean that an estimated population of 60 million is illiterate in the country.

Which province has the highest literacy rate in Pakistan?

Among all provinces, Punjab has the highest literacy rate (79 percent) followed by KPK (72 percent).

Which province has lowest literacy rate in Pakistan?

With only 25 percent girls’ literacy rate, Balochistan province has the lowest female literacy rate in Pakistan.

What was the literacy rate of Pakistan in 2013 & 2014?

Pakistan literacy rate for 2014 was 56.98%, a 1.38% increase from 2013. Pakistan literacy rate for 2013 was 55.60%, a 1.17% decline from 2012.

What is 2011 literacy rate?

74.04 per cent
The results of 2011 census reveal that there has been an increase in literacy in the country. The literacy rate in the country is 74.04 per cent, 82.14 for males and 65.46 for females.

Which city has lowest literacy rate in Pakistan?

Kohlu and Dera Bugti in Balochistan (2 percent) and Kohistan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (3 percent) exhibit the lowest female literate population in the entire country. Adult literacy rate for the population aged 15 and above was 54 percent in 2008-09 as compared to 52 percent in 2006-07 (table 2.14b).

What is the literacy rate of Pakistan in 2011?

Pakistan: Literacy rate from 2006 to 2019, total and by gender

Characteristic Adult total Adult female
2012 56.76% 43.07%
2011 54.74% 41.98%
2010 55.38% 41.02%
2009 54.89% 40.31%

Which city of Pakistan literacy rate is high?

Literacy remains much higher in urban areas than in rural areas and much higher in men than in women. Islamabad with 84 percent leads all districts in terms of literacy and Kohlu with 9 percent lags behind all districts in terms of literate population 10 years and older.

Which province is more educated in Pakistan?

Top 10 Districts in the 2017 Middle School education Score Index

Rank District Province/region
1 Hunza Gilgit-Baltistan
2 Swat Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
3 Islamabad Islamabad Capital Territory
4 Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

What is the literacy rate of Pakistan in 2015?

60 percent
According to the latest Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement (PSLM) Survey 2015, the literacy rate of the population (10 years and above) is 60 percent as compared to 58 percent in 2014.

Which state has highest literacy rate as per 2011?

Among the states in India, Kerala had the highest literary rate with 94 percent in 2011. Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh and the capital territory of Delhi followed Kerala with above average literacy rates.

What is the current literacy rate of Pakistan in Feb 2010?

Pakistan Literacy Rate 1981-2022

Pakistan Literacy Rate – Historical Data
Year Literacy Rate Annual Change
2011 54.74% -0.64%
2010 55.38% 0.48%
2009 54.89% -0.63%

Which province of Pakistan has lowest literacy rate?