What is the longest river within France?

What is the longest river within France?

Loire River
Loire River, longest river in France, rising in the southern Massif Central and flowing north and west for 634 miles (1,020 km) to the Atlantic Ocean, which it enters south of the Bretagne (Brittany) peninsula. Its major tributary is the Allier, which joins the Loire at Le Bec d’Allier.

What are the French rivers name the longest river in France?

Ranking of twenty rivers of France in 2016, by length (in kilometers)

Characteristic Length in kilometers
Loire 1,012.7
Seine 776.6
Rhône 544.9
Garonne 521.9

What is the name of a river in France?

Seine River, river of France, after the Loire its longest.

Is the Rhone the longest river in France?

Rhône River – 505 miles (813 km) The Rhône River is 505 miles long, making it the fourth-longest river in France.

Is the Rhine the longest river in France?

While the country’s most popular river is the Seine and the Rhine is the longest of all the rivers that flow through the country, the longest river that runs entirely through France is also considered to be the wildest in Europe.

Is the Seine the longest French river?

The Seine River, the second longest river in France at 482 miles (776 km), is so much part of Paris that it is the best known of all the French rivers.

Is the Rhine River the longest river in France?

What big rivers are in France?

The Longest Rivers of France

  • Loire.
  • Rhone.
  • Seine.
  • Garonne.
  • Dordogne.

Is the Rhine river the longest river in France?

How did the Rhine river get its name?

The name of the river comes from Middle High German Rin, which can be traced back to its Proto-Indo-European root reie- meaning “to flow” or “to run.” The Celts called the river Renos; the Romans called it Rhenus.

How many rivers are in France?

France has more than 100 rivers, but there are five major ones. The most famous is the Seine, which runs right through the capital, Paris, on its way from Burgundy to the English Channel.

What is the name of the four main rivers in France?

Longest rivers

# Name Length
2 Seine 776
3 Rhônea 544
4 Garonnea 529

What are the names of the longest rivers in France?

– Charente, a 236-mile (381 km) long river in southwest France. – Adour, a 193 mile (309 km) long river in southwest France. – Somme, a 163 mile (263 km) long river in northern France. – Vilaine, a 139 mile (225 km) long river in Brittany, West France. – Aude, a 139 mile (224 km) long river of south France.

What is the longest river contained in France?

– Length: 245 km – Area: 6 550 km² – Flow rate : 35 m³ / s – Mouth: Manche – Departments: Aisne, Somme

What river is second longest in Europe?

Waterway distances are shown, not towpath distances. Country capitals are shown in bold. The Danube ( / ˈdæn.juːb / DAN-yoob; known by various names in other languages) is the second-longest river in Europe, after the Volga in Russia. It flows through much of Central and Southeastern Europe, from the Black Forest into the Black Sea.

What is the closest river in Paris France?

The Seine is a 775-kilometre-long river in northern France. Its drainage basin is in the Paris Basin covering most of northern France. It rises at Source-Seine, 30 kilometres northwest of Dijon in northeastern France in the Langres plateau, flowing through Paris and into the English Channel at Le Havre. It is navigable by ocean-going vessels as far as Rouen, 120 kilometres from the sea. Over 60 percent of its length, as far as Burgundy, is negotiable by large barges and most tour boats, and near