What is the measurement year for HEDIS?

What is the measurement year for HEDIS?

HEDIS Measurement Year is the first calendar year (and each calendar year thereafter) for which Health Plan has a full year of claims and encounter data for Covered Services rendered by Contracted Provider and its Providers.

What are the 2022 HEDIS measures?

Race/Ethnicity Stratification HEDIS 2022 adds this stratification to the following measures: Colorectal Cancer Screening, Controlling High Blood Pressure, Hemoglobin A1c Control for Patients with Diabetes, and Prenatal and Postpartum Care. These measures currently show in Evoke360.

What are HEDIS measures 2021?

HEDIS MY 2020 & MY 2021 Draft FHIR Digital Measures (5 Measures)

  • Avoidance of Antibiotic Treatment for Acute Bronchitis/Bronchiolitis (AAB)
  • Cervical Cancer Screening (CCS)
  • Childhood Immunization Status (CIS)
  • Immunizations for Adolescents (IMA)
  • Non-Recommended PSA-Based Screening in Older Men (PSA)

How many total HEDIS measures are there?

71 measures
The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is a tool used by more than 90 %of America’s health plans to measure performance on important dimensions of care and service. HEDIS consists of 71 measures across 8 domains of care.

What is the measurement year for HEDIS my 2021?

This HEDIS®1 Measurement year (MY) 2021 Public Reporting memo outlines all measures, product lines and indicators that have been approved for public reporting for MY 2021, MY 2022 and MY 2023, as well as all measures, product lines and indicators that will not be publicly reported for MY 2021.

What is a measurement year?

Measurement Year means a calendar year, beginning with the calendar year following the base year and each calendar year thereafter, that is used annually to measure state and local excise tax allocation revenues.

What is HEDIS chart Chase?

There is a better way than chart chasing Currently, HEDIS® consists of 94 measures across seven domains of care. Measures are tied to a person’s age, gender and health status, and each has specific documentation requirements.

What are HEDIS measures 2020?

HEDIS measures address a range of health issues including: asthma medication use; persistence of beta-blocker treatment after a heart attack; controlling high blood pressure; comprehensive diabetes care; breast cancer screening; antidepressant medication management; immunization status; and advising smokers to quit.

When are HEDIS measures due?

Health Plans submit FINAL commercial, Exchange, Medicaid, and Medicare HEDIS (non-survey data) results via the IDSS on Tuesday, June 15 by 11:59 pm ET. All commercial, Exchange, Medicaid, and Medicare Attestations must be submitted to NCQA on Tuesday, June 15 by 11:59 pm ET via electronic signature.

What is Anchor date in HEDIS?

ANCHOR DATES – If a measure requires a member to be enrolled and to have a benefit on a specific date (the anchor date), the allowable gap must not include that date. The member must also have the benefit on that date.

What are the 2020 HEDIS measures?