What is the Michigan Talent Investment Agency?

What is the Michigan Talent Investment Agency?

TIA is the agency that combines Michigan Unemployment Insurance and Workforce Development, and is responsible for their activities. Businesses need a talented workforce. Workers need the right skills to compete for available jobs.

What do I need to register for Michigan Works?

Have your Driver’s License, Passport, or State ID for proof of identity and visual identification. Claimants will receive an email confirmation when registration is complete and verified. If claimants don’t meet with Michigan Works!

What is talent bank online?

TalentBank ® is a web-based application designed to support the selection and development of employees. Focused on the use of our person-to person structured interviews and Talent Online ®Assessments, TalentBank is available 24/7 to help manage and deliver The Science of Talent ®.

How do I register with Michigan Works?

Register for work

  1. After you file a claim with UIA, you must register in person at a Michigan Works! service center. While you’re there, you can:
  2. Create a Pure Michigan Talent Connect account and profile. Visit www.mitalent.org. Click on “Create an account”

Do I have to register at Michigan Works?

After you file your claim with the Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA), you must register for work. If you have already registered, be sure to login at least once every 30 days to keep your account active.

Do I have to register with Michigan Works to get unemployment?

Unemployed workers filing a new claim for benefits will be required to register for work with Michigan Works! staff and verify their registration with either an in person or virtual appointment.

How do I create a Michigan Works account?

How do I register at Michigan Works?

at 1-800-285-WORKS (9675) or find your local Michigan Works! Service Center by clicking on the map at MichiganWorks.org. The Register for Work requirement is not met until you meet with Michigan Works!