What is the most low maintenance pet fish?

What is the most low maintenance pet fish?

Low Maintenance Fish for Beginners

  • Bettas.
  • Platies.
  • Black Molly.
  • Swordtail.
  • Goldfish.
  • Zebra Danio.
  • Dwarf Otocinclus.
  • White Cloud Minnow.

What is the most friendly pet fish?

5 Friendliest Fish for Your Custom Aquarium

  1. Tetras. You’re probably already familiar with tetras, but did you know that they’re one of the easiest fish to take care of?
  2. Danios. Another fish that makes the list of the friendliest fish is danios.
  3. Mollies.
  4. Gouramis.
  5. Platies.

What kind of fish is low maintenance?

Livebearers are famous for being stress free and easy to care for. This group includes not only Platies but their close cousins the Swordtail, Guppy, and Molly. Each has their charms but I find Platies to be tied with Guppies for being the most low maintenance fish around.

Which fish is most playful?

Oscars are intelligent fish that hail from South America. They look a little bit grumpy with their puffy, downward-slanting lips, but they’re actually quite lively and playful. They are known to flit around the surface of the aquarium and cheerfully splash about, especially during feeding time.

Should I get my 2 year old a fish?

Having a pet fish teaches a child responsibility. A pet fish has been the perfect way to ease our children into taking on a more responsible role in the family. Feeding the fish daily, changing its water, and cleaning its tank and accessories are all essential to a fish pet parent.

What’s the best fish for kids?

The Top 10 Best Fish for Kids

  • Guppies. Advertisements.
  • Neon Tetra. This is another colorful species that most people will have come across at one point or another.
  • Angelfish.
  • Kuhli Loaches.
  • Yoyo Loach.
  • Dwarf Gourami.
  • Mollies.
  • Swordtails.

Are fish a good first pet?

Fish are great as first pets for children. Owning and caring for a fish will help your child learn about and experience the underwater world closely. Other than that, a fish tank has several benefits to add in your kid’s life.