What is the old name of Farrukhabad?

What is the old name of Farrukhabad?

The name Panchala being used for the entire region, of which Kampilya (Kampil) was the chief city which has till then been the capital of South Panchala.

What is the famous in Farrukhabad?

Neminath, Rameshwarnath Mahadev, Pandaveshwar Mahadev and Panchal Ghat are some of the religious spots popular among tourists. Part of Kanpur division, today Farrukhabad is also getting prominence for prospering sugar mills and an abundant production of potato and sunflower.

Who is the founder of Farrukhabad?

Muhammad Khan BangashFarrukhabad / FounderNawab Ghazanfar-Jang, Bangash Khan was the first Nawab of Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh, India. He was a “Bawan Hazari Sardar” in the Mughal Army. He served as governor of Malwa and Allahabad provinces of the Mughal empire.
He was also viceroy of Assam from 1735-1743. Wikipedia

Who is DM in Farrukhabad?

Sh. Sanjay Kumar Singh, I.A.S.
DM Farrukhabad

S.No. Officer Name Phone
1 Sh. Sanjay Kumar Singh, I.A.S. 05692-234133, 234165

Why is Farrukhabad famous for?

Farrukhabad is a one of the world’s most famous city of zardozi embroidery, zari and zardosi royal embroidery in India. Traditional zardozi fashion is famous for all variety of hand embroidery since the 12th century. It is a large manufacturing market field of zari embroidery.

How many Muslims are in Farrukhabad?

Islam is second most popular religion in city of Farrukhabad and Fatehgarh with approximately 24.67 % following it….Farrukhabad and Fatehgarh Religion 2011.

Description Total Percentage
Hindu 205,296 74.23 %
Muslims 68,245 24.67 %
Christian 1,620 0.59 %
Sikh 409 0.15 %

What is the meaning of Farrukhabad?

Freebase. Farrukhabad. Farrukhabad, is one of the important cities of Central Doab Region in the State of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. Farrukhabad was founded by Nawab Mohammad Khan Bangash, who named it after the reigning emperor Farrukhsiyar, in 1714, the district of Farrukhabad forms part of Kanpur division.

What is the population of Farrukhabad?

Population of Farrukhabad Farrukhabad is Tehsil in Uttar Pradesh state, Farrukhabad Tehsil population in 2022 is 1,322,202.

Who is CMO of Farrukhabad?

Atul Urf Pal – M.P.W. –
Atul Urf Pal – M.P.W. – C.M.O. OFFICE FARRUKHABAD | LinkedIn.

Who is MLA of Farrukhabad?

Farrukhabad Assembly constituency

Constituency Details
Reservation None
Member of Legislative Assembly
Current MLA Sunil Dutt Dwiedi

Who is the CO of Farrukhabad?


S.No Name Of Officer Mobile / Phone
1 Superintendent Of Police 05692-234206,234410, 9454400267
2 Addl. S.P. 05692-234206,234249, 9454401044
3 C.O. City 235079, 9454401449
4 C.O. Mohamdabad 234410, 9454401451

Who is CMO Lucknow?

chief medical officer lucknow dr sns yadav.

Who is Bhojpur MLA?

Bhojpur, Uttar Pradesh Assembly constituency

Constituency Details
Current MLA Nagendra Singh
Party Bharatiya Janta Party
Elected year 2017

Who is the SSP of Fatehgarh Sahib?

Dr. Ravjot Grewal

Sr. Designation Name
1 SSP Fatehgarh Sahib Dr. Ravjot Grewal,IPS
2 SP(HQ) Sh. Alam Vijay Singh, PPS
3 SP(Inv) Sh. Rajpal Singh, PPS
4 SP(PBI) Sh. Navreet Singh,PPS

How many villages are there in Farrukhabad district?

There are 594 Village Panchayats at Farrukhabad district.

Who is chief medical officer Sitapur?

Sundeep Johari –
Sundeep Johari – Govt. Employee – Chief Medical Officer Sitapur | LinkedIn.