What is the old name of Karbi Anglong?

What is the old name of Karbi Anglong?

Mikir Hills district
Mikir Hills district was renamed as Karbi Anglong district on 14 October 1976. In 2016, the district was divided into two district, the western part including Hamren, Baithalangso and Donkamokam and other adjoining areas forming the new district of West Karbi Anglong.

Who is the IAS officer of Karbi Anglong?

Sri Dibakar Nath, IAS | Karbi Anglong District | Government Of Assam, India.

How many Karbi is Anglong block?

Development Block Information

Name of the District No. of Dev. Blocks Under Bokajan Sub-Divn.
Karbi Anglong 11 Nos. 4 Nos.

Why is Karbi Anglong famous?

It has rolling hills, dense forests, Waterfalls, rivers, and streams. One of the barely explored treasures of Assam, Karbi Anglong is also known or its attractions like Koko Falls, Khanduli Tourist Centre, Umwang Tourist Centre, and Kohora Tourist Resort.

What is the meaning of Karbi?

: dried stalks of Indian corn.

Who is the chairman of Karbi Anglong?

Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council
Type Autonomous District Council
Chief Executive Member Tuliram Ronghang, BJP since 2013

Who is the present DC of Assam?

List of all the Deputy Commissioner till date

Sl No Name of Deputy Commissioner From
36 Shri M.S. Manivannan, IAS 12.04.2019
37 Shri Anbamuthan MP, IAS 27.09.2019
38 Shri Khageswar Pegu, ACS 20.05.2021
39 Shri Mridul Yadav,IAS 13.11.2021

Who can buy land Karbi Anglong?

The non-Karbi population is specifically objecting to the clause which states that if anybody who has been living in the area for 15 years wants to dispose of his/her land, the buyer must be a tribal.

How many Karbi medium school are there in Karbi Anglong?

“Karbi Anglong has 26 constituencies. We will have one school for each constituency. Right now, we have opened 16 schools and in the coming days we will open other remaining schools,” said Bidya Singh Rongpi, Education Executive Member of Karbi Anglong.

What is the district of Karbi Anglong?

Karbi Anglong district is the largest amongst the 28 administrative districts of Assam. The district is bounded by Golaghat district on the east, Meghalaya state and Marigaon district on the west, Nagaon and Golaghat districts on the north and North Cachar Hills district and Nagaland state on the south.

Which is the language of Karbi?

The Karbi language (US: /kɑːrbi/ ( listen)) is spoken by the Karbi (also known as Mikir or Arleng) people of Northeastern India.

Do they speak Karbi?

Karbi is a member of the Kuki-Chin-Naga branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family. It is spoken in Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh in northern India by about 420,000 people. It is also known as Mikir or Arleng, and is thought by some linguists to belong to the Kukish branch of Tibeto-Burman languages.

When was Karbi Anglong district formed?

Karbi Anglong District Council was set up on 17th November, 1951 and later termed as Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council on 23rd June, 1952. North Cachar Hill District Council was set up on 29th April, 1952 and was later renamed as North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council on 13th September, 1995.

How many circle offices are there in Karbi Anglong?

2.Revenue Circle and its Headquarters (Sub-Division-wise) :

Sl.No. District Headquarters
1. Karbi Anglong Howraghat.
Karbi Anglong Dokmoka
Karbi Anglong Bakulia
2. Karbi Anglong Bokajan

How many DC are there in Assam?

of New Districts Biswanath, Hojai, South Salmara, West Karbi Anglong and Charaideo the total nos. of Districts of Assam goes to 33 nos. The names of the Deputy Commissioners(DC) of new districts of Assam is also added here.

Can non-tribal buy land in Karbi Anglong?

By this order Karbi Anglong Autonomous District Council has categorically denied land rights to all non-tribal people, who have been living there since the formation of erstwhile Mikir Pahar district (presently Karbi Anglong) in 1951-52.

What is the population of Karbi Anglong?

Karbi Anglong district
• Total 10,434 km2 (4,029 sq mi)
Population (2011)
• Total 660,955
• Density 63/km2 (160/sq mi)

Who is the present Deputy Commissioner of Karbi Anglong?

Sri Dibakar Nath, IAS.

Which is the highest peak in Karbi Anglong?

Besides, a large number of non-tribals also live together in this hill region. Highest Mountain Peak: Even though, the district is dotted with hills, a few of which can be categorized into Mountain. Among them, the highest is the Laru Peak which is at about 1290 metres above the sea level.

Which districts of Assam are included in the tribal RCH programme?

Presently Tribal RCH programme embraces 6 districts of Assam namely Baksa, Chirang, Dima Hasao, Karbi Anglong, Kokrajhar and Udalguri.

Where is the model hospital under NRHM in Bangladesh?

Under NRHM Construction of Community Health Centre [Model Hospital] including residential qtrs [phase-I] at Deihori in Karbi Anglong Dist. Under NRHM Construction of Community Health Centre (Model Hospital) including Residential Quarters at Phuloni under Diphu LAC in Karbi Anglong District.

What is the work done in radhuramchola MPHC under NRHM?

Construction of new PHC with Residential accomodation for Staffs at Radhuramchola MPHC in Dhubri District under NRHM on turnkey basis (Group – VI) Minor civil works at porch area,Side drain with apron,few sanitary fittings,painting work finishes at both main building and as well as in the qtr are left.

What are the construction materials required for sub-centres in Assam?

Construction of Sub Center (Assam type) Pkg No.NRHM-K (11 no SC in Jorhat District). Construction of Sub Center (Assam type) Pkg. No.NRHM/NSC (M) (5 nos of SC -Jorhat District). Construction of sub-centres prefab steel structure, brick work in foundation ,112mm thick brick walling at various places of Assam (Pakage no-DD7)