What is the Plesk admin port?

What is the Plesk admin port?

Plesk interface uses port 8443 for HTTPS connections and 8880 for HTTP connections.

How do I access my Plesk admin?

Type in your username and password to log in to Plesk. By default, your username is admin , but this may have been changed if Plesk was pre-installed by a third party. Alternatively, you can log in to Plesk using the root username (on Linux), or the administrator username (on Windows), and the corresponding password.

What ports need to be open for Plesk?

Ports Used by Plesk

Service name Ports used by service
Administrative interface of Plesk over HTTPS TCP 8443
Administrative interface of Plesk over HTTP TCP 8880
Web server TCP 80, TCP 443
FTP server TCP 21

How do I log into my Plesk account?

in the address bar. The Plesk login page will open. Type in your username and password, and then click Log in.

How do I change my Plesk port?

To change the Plesk port to standard HTTPS, refer to How to make Plesk interface accessible over a hostname without entering the port number.

  1. Connect to the server using SSH.
  2. Use any text editor to change the ports in /etc/sw-cp-server/conf.d/plesk.conf file:
  3. Do the same for /etc/sw-cp-server/conf.d/ipv6_ports.inc file:

How do I access Plesk server via SSH?

Enabling SSH access in Plesk Onyx

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Choose ‘Subscriptions’
  3. Choose Your Site.
  4. Choose ‘Web Hosting Access’
  5. Enable access to the server over SSH.
  6. Connect to your account using SSH.
  7. Login via SSH.

How do I manage Plesk firewall through command line?

Use the /usr/local/psa/bin/modules/firewall/settings utility to manage Plesk Firewall in a command-line interface….Example of adding a rule that will allow connections to custom SSH port 2222.

  1. Click Add Custom Rule.
  2. Fill in the fields and click OK: Name of the rule: Custom SSH port.
  3. Click Apply Changes.

How do I connect to a Plesk server via SSH?

How do I change the VPS port?

How To Change Server’s SSH Port on VPS

  1. Log in to the server using SSH as root user.
  2. Open /etc/ssh/sshd_config in a text editor and modify “Port” directive with new port number.
  3. Save the changes and restart the SSH service.

How do you manage Plesk?

Plesk Tutorial

  1. Create Your First Website. To set up your first website, you need to follow these steps:
  2. Create a Database. Databases are relational structures used for storing data.
  3. Create a Mail Account.
  4. Add a Custom DNS Record.
  5. Back Up Your Website.
  6. Change Your Password and Log Out.

How do I connect PuTTY Plesk?

Connect using password Open the Putty client. In the PuTTY configuration window, into the “Host Name (or IP address)” field enter the username and host name or IP address of your server separated by “@” as well as into the “Saved Sessions” field. Then, click “Save” to save the new session so you can reuse it later.

How do I enable SSH access?

Enable root login over SSH:

  1. As root, edit the sshd_config file in /etc/ssh/sshd_config : nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config.
  2. Add a line in the Authentication section of the file that says PermitRootLogin yes .
  3. Save the updated /etc/ssh/sshd_config file.
  4. Restart the SSH server: service sshd restart.

How do I enable Plesk Firewall?

In Plesk, go to Tools & Settings > Firewall > click Enable Firewall Rules Management > Enable.

What is ModSecurity Plesk?

In order to detect and prevent attacks against web applications, the web application firewall (ModSecurity) checks all requests to your web server and related responses from the server against its set of rules.