What is the price of Symbicort inhaler?

What is the price of Symbicort inhaler?

The list price for a 30-day supply of SYMBICORT is $303.42* (80/4.5 mcg) and $346.83* (160/4.5 mcg). However, it is important to understand that this list price may not be reflective of your cost for SYMBICORT. Your out-of-pocket costs† are determined by your insurance type.

Can I buy Symbicort online?

Where can I get Symbicort? Symbicort is a prescription only medication, so you’ll need to have an asthma assessment with your GP before you can get a prescription. If you’ve been prescribed Symbicort, you can buy your repeat prescription for Symbicort online, through retailers like Superdrug Online Doctor.

How can I get a discount on Symbicort inhaler?

Symbicort still works best for me: How can I save?

  1. Get the authorized generic.
  2. Save with Symbicort’s manufacturer coupon or patient assistance program.
  3. Use a Symbicort coupon from GoodRx.
  4. Try to appeal your coverage.

Is Symbicort cheaper in Canada?

PMPRB7 median prices for the leading strengths of Advair, Symbicort, and Breo Ellipta were between 33% and 45% lower than the prices in Canada, while the respective OECD medians were nearly half the Canadian levels.

Do you need a prescription for Symbicort Turbuhaler?

To get the best effect, you should use Symbicort Turbuhaler as prescribed by your doctor, even when you have no symptoms. Symbicort Turbuhaler contains both the medicines budesonide and formoterol, which have different ways of treating your airway disease (asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

What is the best substitute for Symbicort?

Top 5 Symbicort alternatives

  1. Advair. Advair is available as two dosage forms: Advair Diskus and Advair HFA.
  2. Dulera. Dulera is an asthma medication in the same drug class as Symbicort.
  3. Breo. Breo is another ICS/LABA combination inhaler containing fluticasone and vilanterol.
  4. Breztri.
  5. Trelegy.

How long can you take Symbicort?

For COPD, Symbicort is used long-term to improve your breathing symptoms and reduce the number of flare-ups. Continue to take your Symbicort for as long as your doctor recommends it and exactly as prescribed.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Symbicort?

The new authorized generic is called budesonide/formoterol. The lowest GoodRx retail price for budesonide/formoterol is $139.43 for one 80 mcg/4.5 mcg inhaler. This is about half the price of the lowest GoodRx price for brand-name Symbicort, which is $298.73 for the same dosage.

Where is Symbicort manufactured?

AstraZeneca Symbicort Production Facility, Dunkirk.

Can I take 3 puffs of Symbicort?

Symbicort dosage for COPD The starting dose is two puffs of Symbicort 160 twice daily. You should not exceed four puffs daily.

What is cheaper than Symbicort?

Is there a generic version of Symbicort?

In March 2022, the FDA approved the first generic for Symbicort: Breyna (budesonide/formoterol). It can be used to treat asthma and COPD.

What happens if you stop Symbicort?

If you suddenly stop taking the drug, you may also have withdrawal symptoms (such as weakness, weight loss, nausea, muscle pain, headache, tiredness, dizziness). To help prevent withdrawal, your doctor may slowly lower the dose of your old medication after you begin using budesonide/formoterol.

What is replacing Symbicort?

Alternatives to Symbicort include Advair, Dulera, Breo, Breztri, and Trelegy.

What inhaler is equal to Symbicort?

Similar inhalers to Symbicort include Advair (fluticasone/salmeterol), Dulera (mometasone/formoterol), and Breo (fluticasone/vilanterol). These inhalers may work similarly to Symbicort, but they are not considered equivalents of Symbicort.

What happens when you stop Symbicort?