What is the problem in Chapter 1 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

What is the problem in Chapter 1 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

In Chapter one the main conflict is when they meet a boy named Dill next door. After they befriend him, he then learns about the rumors of the Radleys, This intrigues him. He then dares Jem to go and knock on the door, Jem refuses.

What happens in Chapters 5 in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Summary: Chapter 5 Jem and Dill grow closer, and Scout begins to feel left out of their friendship. As a result, she starts spending much of her time with one of their neighbors: Miss Maudie Atkinson, a widow with a talent for gardening and cake baking who was a childhood friend of Atticus’s brother, Jack.

What does the first paragraph reveal about Jem’s personality?

What does the first paragraph of chapter 1 reveal about Jem’s personality? Jem doesn’t care about minor details as long as he gets to do what he loves.

What happened in chapter 2 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

Summary: Chapter 2 When Miss Caroline concludes that Atticus must have taught Scout to read, she becomes very displeased and makes Scout feel guilty for being educated. At recess, Scout complains to Jem, but Jem says that Miss Caroline is just trying out a new method of teaching.

What lesson does Scout learn in chapter 5?

Lessons Learned The only real lesson learned in chapter five is to treat other the way you want to be treated and not to judge people when you don’t even know anything about them but rumors. Jem and Dill are caught, by Atticus, trying to give Boo Radley a note through his window.

What happened in chapter 5 of Animal Farm?

In Chapter 5 of Animal Farm, Mollie runs away after being pet and taking sugar from a neighbor. Snowball and Napoleon debate, with Snowball supporting a windmill and Napoleon supporting food production. Napoleon uses his trained dogs to run Snowball off the farm, and he takes over as dictator.

What does Jem Finch symbolize?

Jem represents the idea of bravery in the novel, and the way that his definition changes over the course of the story is important. The shift that occurs probably has as much to do with age as experience, although the experiences provide a better framework for the reader.

Why is Jem upset with his father?

Jem is upset with Atticus because Jem wanted to go to a church football game but Atticus said that he would “break his neck if he did, he was just too old for that sort of thing.” The children learn that Atticus is amazing at shooting guns and used to be called “One-Shot Finch.”

What happened in chapter 3 in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Jean Louise catches Walter Cunningham in the schoolyard and beats him up for being the reason she got in trouble, but Jem stops her. She explains to Jem (who calls her Scout, so we will too) what happened. Jem invites Walter to come home for lunch with Scout and him.

How did Jem break his arm?

At the end of the novel Bob Ewell, who has suffered as a result of Atticus’s defense of Tom Robinson, attacks Jem and Scout on their way home from the Halloween pageant. Jem breaks his arm in the struggle.

Why did boo stay in the house?

Boo Radley chooses to stay in his house because he is scared to come out of it. An evolution occurs in Boo Radley from the presents in the tree to his first encounter with Scout and Jem at the end of the book. It takes the desperate situation of Mr. Ewell attacking Jem and Scout for Boo Radley to emerge.

What happened in chapter 5 Lord of the Flies?

In this chapter, the fear of the beast finally explodes, ruining Ralph’s attempt to restore order to the island and precipitating the final split between Ralph and Jack. At this point, it remains uncertain whether or not the beast actually exists.

What happened Snowball chapter 5?

Napoleon’s Surprise Just as he finishes, Napoleon looks at Snowball and lets out a high-pitched squeal. Nine big dogs in military collars come into the barn and attack Snowball. They chase Snowball off of Animal Farm and he is never seen again.

How are the animals controlled in chapter 5?

Chapter 5 is a turning point because the farm goes from being owned equally among the animals to being controlled by Napoleon. When the animals took over, they decided to live by the principles of Animalism (communism), but when Napoleon takes over, the farm becomes a totalitarian government controlled by Napoleon.