What is the reply of Jazakallah?

What is the reply of Jazakallah?

wa ʾiyyāk
Although the common Arabic word for “thanks” is shukran (شُكْرًا), Jazāk Allāhu Khayran is often used by Muslims instead, in the belief that Allah’s reward is superior. The common response to Jazāk Allāhu Khayran is wa ʾiyyāk (وَإِيَّاكَ), or wa ʾiyyākum (وَإِيَّاكُمْ) for plural, which means “and to you”.

What is the meaning of Jazakallah khairan Kaseera?

may allah reward you with the best/good (to be used to a male)

Is Barakallah reply of Jazakallah?

Barakallah is commonly used when responding to somebody saying Jazakallah to indicate that they realize it is God’s blessing and not their own which is being transmitted. This Islam-related article is a stub.

What is the meaning of WA Iyyaki?

The meaning of this Arabic phrase is “and to you too”. Wa iyyakum is the plural version. Depending on gender male or female the response to Jazakallah would be different: Wa iyyak (to a male Singular) Wa iyyaki (to a female Singular)

What is the difference between Khair and khairan?

Jazakumallah = plural, khairan = goodness, khair = good.

What is the meaning of Barakallahu Laka?

To a male: Allahumma Barik Lahu (may Allah bless him) To a female: Allahumma Barik laha (may Allah bless her) To an object such as a car: Barakallahu laka fiha (may Allah bless it)

What is Afwan mean?

عَفْوًا • (ʿafwan) you’re welcome, don’t mention it, not at all. sorry. I beg your pardon. excuse me.

Is WA Iyyaki for female?

He has blessed me so much every day, alhamdulillah (example of term Wa iyyaki used for female).

What is the difference between Jazakallah and Jazakumullah?

The proper response to someone who has said Jazakallah is wa iyyaka (for male) and wa iyyaki (for female), for plural wa iyyakum (Arabic: وإيّاكم). This simply means and to you too. Wa Antum fa Jazakumullahu khayran is a more formal response which means “And you too, May Allah reward with Goodness”.