What is the rpm of an AC fan motor?

What is the rpm of an AC fan motor?

Typically the speed of the motor is 1800 rpm or 3600 rpm when running without any load. When the load is connected, the speed can go down to 1725 rpm and 3450 rpm respectively.

Does HP matter on condenser fan motor?

Although it is not too difficult to change a condenser fan motor, it is still possible to do it incorrectly. Of course you need a motor that operates at the same voltage, phase, and frequency of the original motor and it should also be the same horsepower.

How do I choose a condenser fan motor?

Using the specifications of the fan blade is the best way to determine the correct horsepower for a replacement condenser fan motor. The diameter, angle and number of fan blades, along with the RPM of the motor, are the pieces of information necessary to make this determination.

How do I know what size fan motor I need?

The key indicator for determining fan motor size is fan brake horsepower (BHP), which represents the force needed to brake, or stop, the motor. This is the minimum amount of power needed to operate the fan. Your fan manufacturer will always specify brake horsepower.

Does condenser fan speed matter?

The capacity of the system is directly affected by the airflow across the condenser. When the speed of the condenser fan motor is increased or decreased it will change the condenser CFM and directly impact the capacity of the unit.

Does RPM matter on a fan motor?

You will need to match the RPM and the HP rating will need to match or exceed the original motor. Don’t mess with “close enough” RPMs. Higher, and you will increase HP of motor needed by some unknown amount and potentially burn out motor.

How much does it cost to replace a condenser fan motor?

AC Fan Motors Cost Replacing the condenser fan motor in an AC unit costs $400 on average, including labor. It might cost only $300 but could cost up to $600. However, if your AC is still under warranty the cost of the part is covered (but usually not the labor).

How do you measure a condenser fan?

While fan blades are rated by diameter, best practice is to measure the radius by starting at the center of the condenser fan blade and measuring out to the outer tip. Simply take the radius and multiply it by two to give you the diameter.

Does high fan speed in AC affect electricity consumption?

Minimal. The fan speed is just the air mover and a window fan draws that kind of power. The internal compressor, the larger black (usually) drum inside the AC is where most of the power goes and it’s either ON or OFF, so fan speed for the air mover is just for convenience.

What is a good fan RPM?

Here are typical CPU FAN RPM Ranges depending on the Fan Size of your CPU Cooler: 140mm Fans: ~400 – 1200 RPM. 120mm Fans: ~500 – 1500 RPM. 92mm Fans: ~600 – 2000 RPM.

How do I choose a fan RPM?

Motor RPM for Direct-Driven Fans With the fan wheel mounted to the motor shaft or the fan shaft directly coupled to the motor shaft, the motor speed should match the fan’s operating speed. For example, a 3600 RPM motor at 60 Hz should be selected for fans operating at or within tolerance of 3600 RPM.

What causes a condenser fan motor to fail?

The main causes of failure are loss of lubricant, a failed run capacitor, a failed bearing in a belt drive, a little water dripping into the windings or a voltage problem.

How long should a condenser fan motor last?

The average lifespan of an AC fan motor is about 12 years. An AC fan motor can last more than 12 years if it’s kept clean and cooled as needed. On the other hand, without annual maintenance checkups, your fan motor may only survive between one and three years.

How hot should a condenser fan motor get?

around 150F
Most condenser fan motors have been designed to operate at temperatures up to around 150F. When there is something wrong with the fan motor, it can overheat and cause problems with the HVAC system.