What is the sentence of scoop up?

What is the sentence of scoop up?

(1) Use both hands to scoop up the leaves. (2) The socialist party is expected to scoop up the majority of the working-class vote. (3) I watched the others to see how to scoop up the gluey mush with my hand.

What is another word for scooped up?

What is another word for scooped up?

gathered up drew up
gathered collected
caught up scooped
swept up snatched up
grabbed took

What does scoop it out mean?

remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract.

Is scoop up a verb?

SCOOP UP (phrasal verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

How do you use peg in a sentence?

Peg sentence example

  1. He lifted his hat from a peg on the wall and shrugged into his coat.
  2. He lifted his hat from the peg and clamped it on his head and then paused, one hand on the door while he studied her face.
  3. You could measure conductivity of your PEG solution to get a clue how much ionic stuff is present.

How do you use closet in a sentence?

Closet sentence example. She took a suitcase out of the closet and swung it up on the bed. She ran to the bedroom and flipped on the TV loud then hid in the coat closet beside the front door.

What is the synonym of delicacy?

delectable, goody. (or goodie), kickshaw, tidbit.

What does Scoup mean?

Definition of scoup chiefly Scottish. : to run with skips and leaps.

What does PEG mean in social media?

The term “pegging” describes the sexual act when a woman performs anal sex on a man with a sex toy. Delevingne added: “You know, it’s a bit like, ‘stick it to the man’, if anyone wants to look up the word.”

What does it mean to have someone pegged?

to understand completely the way someone is or who they are.

How do you use hither and thither in a sentence?

hither and thither, in various quarters; here and there: They scurried hither and thither to escape the rain. hither and yon, from here to over there, especially to a farther place; in or to a great many places: He looked hither and yon for the coin. She went hither and yon in search of an answer.

What is the meaning of Bonne Bouche?

Definition of bonne bouche : good mouth(ful) : a tasty morsel : a treat.

What do you call a lover of food?

Definition of gastronome : a lover of good food especially : one with a serious interest in gastronomy.

How do you scoop a girl?

Get the Scoop on How to Make a Girl Like You

  1. Be Yourself!
  2. Don’t Come on Too Strong.
  3. Take the Time to Get to Really Know Her.
  4. Stop Flirting With Other Women.
  5. Shower Her With Gifts.
  6. Dress to Impress.
  7. Be Confident!
  8. Send Her a “Thinking of You” Text.

What does scoop mean in texting?

Scoop: To pick someone up like at their house.

Who tryna scoop meaning?

In the journalism world, to get a scoop means to get an exclusive on a story.

What is another word for scoop up?

scoopful. scoop and scoopful. bailer ladle. scoop and bailer. spoonful. scoop and spoonful. dollop ladle, spoonful. scoop and dollop. Use filters to view other words, we have 1064 synonyms for scoop.

What does scoop Me Up mean?

What does scoop me up mean? “Come pick me up”. In a car, usually. Example: “Do you want to go to dinner tonight?” “Yeah, come scoop me up.” Also, What does scoop me up mean in texting? Pick me up. Scoop is slang to pick up. Considering this, What is scooping a person? If you scoop a person or thing somewhere, you put your hands or arms under or

What does it mean to ‘scoop someone’?

What does scoop mean? Information and translations of scoop in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. (someone else). The paper across town scooped them on the City Hall scandal. scoop verb. To begin a vocal note slightly below the target pitch and then to slide up to the target pitch, especially in country music.

What does scoop mean in Urban Dictionary?

scoop. when you cup your hand put at the bottom of the chest and lift up. Usually males do this to males, in a non-homosexual way, or girls can do it guys, but if a male were ever to think of doing it to a girl, make sure you have their permission. You will be prosecuted for sexual harassment without their consent.