What is the story of the Virgin Mary?

What is the story of the Virgin Mary?

In Christianity, Mary is commonly referred to as the Virgin Mary, in accordance with the belief that the Holy Spirit impregnated her, thereby conceiving her first-born son Jesus miraculously, without sexual relations with her betrothed/husband Joseph, “until her son [Jesus] was born”.

What happened at the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

It commemorates a visit by the three-year-old Mary to the Temple in Jerusalem, where she was dedicated to the service of God and left to be raised as a consecrated virgin. This act was done in fulfillment of a sacred promise made by her parents, Saints Anne and Joachim, during their long struggle with childlessness.

What is the meaning of the Presentation of Mary?

The Presentation of Mary reminds us of Hannah’s willingness to offer Samuel back to God because Joachim and Anne bring the child Mary to the temple in a similar fashion at the age of 3. Joachim, Anne and Mary lived in Nazareth, meaning if they presented Mary in the temple they had to go on a pilgrimage.

Where is the black virgin?

On the mountain named Montserrat, near Barcelona, in the Catalonia region of Spain, a church now contains a ‘miracle- working’ statue of the Madonna and Child known as La Moreneta, that is: the dark little one.

Why is the Madonna black?

One common account of the Black Madonna in France’s Chartres Cathedral holds that her skin was once white, but became dark over the centuries due to exposure to candle soot.

Was the Blessed Virgin Mary preserved from original sin?

The Blessed Virgin Mary was preserved from Original Sin from the very moment of her conception and persevered throughout her life without personal sin. While Pope Pius IX officially pronounced this as a dogma of the Church in 1854, it was held from early times.

Was Mary a virgin when she conceived Jesus?

The main points of the stories first put into writing in the Protoevangelium of James serve to show that Mary was not only a virgin when she conceived Jesus but was ever-virgin, and furthermore, all-pure before God. Emphasis was given to show that nothing impure was allowed to enter her and she was given only the most pure of influences as a child.

Why do we celebrate Mary’s birthday in the Catholic Church?

It is because of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s holiness in the womb that the Church celebrates her birthday in its liturgy. The only other nativity of a saint celebrated liturgically is that of St. John the Baptist who was sanctified in the womb when he stirred at the presence of the unborn baby Jesus within Mary.

What is the biography of Mary the mother of God?

Biography. Mary was born into a devout Jewish family in Galilee (now part of Israel) when it was part of the ancient Roman Empire. Her parents were Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, whom Catholic tradition says that angels visited separately to inform them that Anne was expecting Mary.