What is the summary of sound and fury?

What is the summary of sound and fury?

SOUND AND FURY takes viewers inside the seldom seen world of the deaf to witness a painful family struggle over a controversial medical technology called the cochlear implant. Some family members celebrate the implant as a long overdue cure for deafness while others fear it will destroy their language and way of life.

Is Quentin a girl in The Sound and the Fury?

Quentin Compson A sensitive and intelligent boy, Quentin is preoccupied with his love for his sister Caddy and his notion of the Compson family’s honor. He commits suicide by drowning himself just before the end of his first year at Harvard.

Who are the characters of the story Sound and Fury?

Quentin CompsonBenjamin CompsonJason Compson IIIJason Compson IVCandace “Caddy” CompsonMiss Quentin Compson
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Why does Caroline change Benjamins name?

Compson’s self-absorption includes a neurotic insecurity over her Bascomb family name, the honor of which is undermined by her brother Maury’s adulterous behavior. Caroline ultimately makes the decision to change her youngest son’s name from Maury to Benjamin because of this insecurity about her family’s reputation.

How does sound and fury end?

The Sound and the Fury ends with the symbolic completion of the Compsons’ downfall, but also hints at the possibility of resurrection or renewal. Importantly, this last chapter takes place on Easter Sunday, the day of Christ’s resurrection and thus a powerful symbol of redemption and hope.

Why was Benji castrated?

Furthermore, in 1910, Benjy was castrated after people thought he was trying to attack some young girls.

Does Quentin love Caddy?

Finally, when Quentin feels that life is useless, he resolves to commit suicide. Note, however, that Quentin does love his sister, Caddy. When he can find no love from his mother, and his father rejects all things in life, Quentin turns to Caddy for love and understanding.