What is the trim around an exterior door called?

What is the trim around an exterior door called?

The two pieces of trim that go on either side of your door are known as “pilasters” while the top piece is called a “lintel”. Sometimes, the entire unit may be referred to as the door casing, with the top piece being known as the header.

What material is best for exterior door trim?

Natural wood trim is a great material; Very versatile, available in multiple sizes, and able to be painted to match any siding. Keep in mind, however, that you need to select a wood that will resist insect activity and rot.

What is the name of the molding that trims a door frame?

What is casing? Quite simply, it’s a moulding profile which frames (or trims) a door or window. Casing is functional as well as decorative. The main purpose of casing is to surround all doors and windows, covering any space or gap left between the drywall and frame.

What kind of trim goes around doors?

The trim that surrounds a door frame is called casing, and it’s always installed before baseboard and chair rail because they have to butt against it. Casing is also the easiest type of molding to install because the joinery is simple, making it a perfect first project.

What is the difference between door casing and door trim?

Trim is a general term, often used to describe all types of molding and millwork. Casing is a type of molding, typically used to trim the perimeter of windows and doors. Casing is typically less wide (tall?), but thicker than base molding.

What is exterior casing?

WHAT IS THE EXTERIOR WINDOW CASING? Exterior window casings are the moldings that go around your window frames. They are installed outside the house, covering the space between the window frame and wall.

Is MDF good for exterior trim?

While it should never be used outdoors or in an application where it’s regularly exposed to water, there are two approaches to “waterproofing” MDF so it can withstand moisture in high humidity areas: use ure Resistant (MR) MDF or make it water-resistant yourself.

What is door casing called?

The trim around a door frame—also known as doorway casing—is installed first and foremost to conceal unsightly construction gaps left between the frame and the drywall.

Can you trim an exterior door?

While it’s good practice to order the door cut to fit from the lumberyard, it is possible to shorten the unit yourself. Most times when you need a prehung exterior door that’s shorter than normal, it’s easiest to order it from the lumberyard. It’s possible, however, to shorten the unit yourself.