What is ul746c?

What is ul746c?

The UL 746C regulation sets standards for polymeric materials used in electrical equipment, required by UL50. These requirements cover parts made of polymeric materials that are used in electrical equipment and describe the various test procedures and their use in the testing of such parts and equipment.

What is UL F1?

The UL F1 rating meets industry standards for long-term UV exposure, making the housings suitable for outside applications where parts are subject to frequent or extended periods of exposure to sun light.

What is UL 746A?

UL 746A. September 6, 2012. UL Standard for Safety Polymeric Materials – Short Term Property Evaluations. These requirements cover short-term test procedures to be used for the evaluation of materials used for parts intended for specific applications in electrical end products.

What is UL 746B?

The Relative thermal index (RTI) is a characteristic parameter related to the ability of plastic materials to retain thermal degradation. The RTI is part of the longterm thermal aging program (LTTA) described in the UL 746B standard from UL.

What is ul50?

UL 50 applies to enclosures for electrical equipment intended to be installed and used in non-hazardous locations. UL 50E covers additional environmental construction and performance requirements. These standards are applicable for the United States, Mexico, and Canadian markets.

What is RTI Electrical?

The Relative Thermal Index (RTI) is the maximum service temperature at which the critical properties of a material will remain within acceptable limits over a long period of time. The applicable standard is UL 746B which specifies three ratings assigned to a material: Electrical – measuring dielectric strength.

What is ul50e?

What is UL67?

The UL67 standard has been updated for the purpose of enhancing safety in electrical distribution panels. The revision, which takes effect January 1, 2017, requires panel manufacturers to provide protective devices that guard against inadvertent contact with exposed energized parts.

What is plastic service temperature?

The correct specification and application of plastics can give excellent results for long-term service temperatures up to 260°C and for even higher temperatures in the short-term.

What is ul508a?

What is UL Standard 508A? UL 508A is the UL standard for the construction of Industrial Control Panels. This document gives guidelines to panel builders on various issues including proper component selection, wiring methods and calculation of short circuit current ratings.

What is UL 869A?

UL 869A. June 26, 1998. UL Standard for Safety Reference Standard for Service Equipment. This standard provides specific service equipment requirements that are intended to be supplemented by requirements for other types of equipment (such as panelboards, switchboards, and the like) that… 869A.