What is unattended machinery space?

What is unattended machinery space?

UMS or Unattended Machinery Spaces is a marine automation system for ship’s engine room. Unlike conventional watch system on normal cargo ships, in UMS class vessels, there are usually no engineer officers on watch in the engine room (from 1700 hrs. to 0700 hrs).

What are UMS requirements?

Fire Precaution.

  • Protection against Flooding.
  • Control of Propulsion Machinery from Navigation Bridge.
  • Centralized control & instruments are required in Machinery Space.
  • Automatic Fire Detection.
  • Fire Extinguishing System.
  • Alarm System.
  • Automatic Start of Emergency Generator.
  • What are the methods to check alarms in UMS?


    • Check that all bilges and seawalls are empty.
    • Test Oil Mist Detector alarm on M.E, test bilge wells High Levels Alarms, test Boiler High/Low/Cut out alarms where applicable.
    • Check that the bilge pump is in the auto position.
    • Check that Emergency DG is in a standby position.

    What type of alarm indicates when you heard 7 short blasts and 1 long blasts?

    general emergency alarm
    1) General Alarm: The general emergency alarm on the ship is recognised by 7 short ringings of the bell followed by a long ring or using the ship horn signal of 7 short blasts followed by 1 long blast.

    What is Type A machinery space?

    Machinery spaces of category A are all spaces which contain internal combustion type machinery used either: 1. for main propulsion; or. 2. for other purposes where such machinery has in the aggregate a total power of not less than 375 kW; or which contain any oil-fired boiler or oil fuel unit; and trunks to such spaces …

    What is the permeabilities of the machinery space and other compartments?

    Typical values from the International Bulk Chemical Code are: 0.95 for voids (empty spaces), tanks, and living spaces. 0.85 for machinery spaces. 0.60 for spaces allocated to stores.

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    What precautions should you take before entering when UMS mode?

    Safety precautions for Unmanned machinery spaces: Before entering the space, at regular intervals whilst in the space and on leaving the space, they must report by telephone, or other means provided, to the duty deck officer. Before they enter the space the method of reporting should be clearly explained.

    What does 3 horns mean on a ship?

    am backing up
    Two short blasts tell other boaters, “I intend to pass you on my right (starboard) side.” Three short blasts tell other boaters, “I am operating astern propulsion.” For some vessels, this tells other boaters, “I am backing up.”

    What are various items of machinery and equipment found outside machinery space in modern ship *?

    The various items of machinery and equipment found outside of the machinery space of modern cargo ship. These include deck machinery such as mooring equipment, anchor handling equipment, cargo handling equipment and hatch covers.

    What 4 compartments would you expect to find in the accommodation area of a vessel?

    Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and insulation.

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    What UMS means?

    UMS, abbreviation of “Universal Measurement System” used for Gross tonnage. Universal Media Server. Universal Media Studios. Universal Mobile Systems.

    What are the types of deck machinery?

    Different Mariner deck machinery types include; anchor windlass/mooring winches, mooring winches, aft anchor winches, chain stoppers, SPM chain stoppers, vertical capstans, towing winches, tugger winches and positioning winches.