What kind of werewolf has blue eyes?

What kind of werewolf has blue eyes?

An Alpha’s eyes glow red. Yellow is the most common eye color among Betas and Omegas. Some Betas and Omegas have blue eyes. This color difference is an indication that they have taken an innocent life.

What does it mean when werewolves have blue eyes?

innocent life
It makes no difference if you’re a True Alpha or not, as the color is the same. Then, finally, we have werewolves with blue eyes. These are the werewolves who have taken an “innocent life,” and it is here that fans have asked, “What constitutes an innocent life?”

Is there a wolf with blue eyes?

Just like coat color, gray wolves can have a variety of eye colors. Most wolves will have yellow, orange, hazel, light brown, or green eyes. Dark brown and blue eyes are more of a domestic dog trait The eyes pictured belong to (top to bottom): Axel, Grayson, Denali, and Grizzer.

Why are Jackson’s werewolf eyes blue?

Peter also killed an innocent but hasn’t been revealed in who that innocent was. And Jackson’s eyes are blue for 1 of 3 things. A. He feels responsible for the death of his parents more significantly because he was taken out of his mothers dead body.

What is an omega werewolf?

Omega Werewolves are humanoid carnivores. In their werewolf form, their bodies change rapidly, changing into a fitting definition of predators. Their nails increase to sharp, long claws, fangs increase in size and eyes resemble those of a wolf rather than of a human.

What is a gamma werewolf?

A Gamma acts as third in command of a werewolf pack. It is in the Gamma’s nature to criticize the decisions of other pack members. Unlike Alphas, a Gamma does not fall prey to madness with time.

What is a Delta werewolf?

The Delta Werewolf is a Very Rare Kind of werewolf that Appears under two circumstances. First, If A Pack Reaches 20 members, the two Betas of the pack that the Alpha Trusts most will become Deltas to serve as Second in commands to split the pack into two sections.

What do blue eyes mean?

Therefore, they are sometimes attributed to “eternal youth.” Blue eyes are heralded by some to be the most desirable and attractive of eye colors, and those who have them possess a calm and peaceful personality. Blue eyes are also representative of knowledge.

What is a Kappa wolf?

Kappa (1-2) The Kappa are the lead Hunters in the pack. They usually run the hunts when the Alphas or Betas (when substituting) tell them to. Overall, they keep the pack well fed and on a stable diet.