What nationality is the last name Rocha?

What nationality is the last name Rocha?

Rocha (Portuguese pronunciation: [‘ʁɔʃɐ]) is a Portuguese language surname. It literally means “rock” or “boulder” in Portuguese; for instance, “rochas sedimentares, metamórficas e magmáticas” means “sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks”.

How common is Rocha as a last name?

In the United States, the name Rocha is the 992nd most popular surname with an estimated 29,844 people with that name.

Is Bourque French?

French: reduced form of Bourrique, from a personal name, probably a derivative of bourre ‘tawny’, ‘fawn’ (from Latin burrus), hence denoting a man with tawny hair.

Is Moreno Italian or Spanish?

Moreno is an Italian given name.

What does Rocha mean in the Bible?

Rocha Name – Meaning & Details

Name Rocha
Religion Jewish
Gender Girl
Meaning Ewe; Female sheep
Origin Hebrew

Is Bourque Irish?

The surname Bourque was first found in County Galway (Irish: Gaillimh) part of the province of Connacht, located on the west coast of the Island, where the family name is descended from the Norman noble William Fitzadelm de Burgo who went to Ireland in the Anglo- Norman invasion of Ireland and was the succeeded …

Is Rocha a word?

material Rock is the hard material that is in the ground and in mountains.

How do you pronounce Rocha in Spanish?


  1. rroh. – chah.
  2. ro. – tʃa.
  3. ro. – cha.

Where does the last name Bourque come from?

The surname is one of the Anglo-Norman names that came to Ireland in the 12th century. The surname Bourque is derived from the Old English word “burh,” which is derived from the Old German word “burg,” the common Germanic word for a fortification.

Why do Colombians have 2 last names?

In Colombia, as well as all Hispanic countries, most people will have 2 APELLIDOS — called the FIRST and SECOND APELLIDOS. The person’s first surname (apellido) is their father’s first surname and the second surname (apellido) is the mother’s first surname, what we call “the mother’s maiden name in the U.S.”.

Do husbands take their wife’s last name in Colombia?

In Colombia, the use is two surnames: first the paternal surname and then the maternal surname. Married women used to change their second last name for their husband’s first last name adding the preposition “de” between the two last names.

What is Rocha in English?

material Rock
material Rock is the hard material that is in the ground and in mountains.

How many people in France have the last name Rocha?

However, in France, the name Rocha is ranked the 6,012 nd most popular surname with an estimated 1,000 – 1,500 people with that name. [2] Antonio Rocha, who arrived in Puerto Rico in 1816 [3]

Who was Agustin Rocha?

Agustin Rocha, aged 17, who settled in America from St. Pantaleon, Betanzos, Spain, in 1909 (More are available in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible.)

Who are Ed and Charles Rocha?

Ed Rocha, American Republican politician, Alternate Delegate to Republican National Convention from Michigan, 1988 Charles Rocha, American Democratic Party politician, Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Texas, 1996