What NBA team did Ben McLemore?

What NBA team did Ben McLemore?

Portland Trail Blazers
Ben McLemore

No. 23 – Portland Trail Blazers
NBA draft 2013 / Round: 1 / Pick: 7th overall
Selected by the Sacramento Kings
Playing career 2013–present
Career history

How good is Ben McLemore?

Weight:189 lbs. / 85.7 kg….Salary: $2,389,641.

Season Team Rating
2018/19 Sacramento Kings 73
2017/18 Memphis Grizzlies 73
2016/17 Sacramento Kings 72
2015/16 Sacramento Kings 73

What college did Ben McLemore play for?

University of KansasBen McLemore / College (2012–2013)The University of Kansas is a public research university with its main campus in Lawrence, Kansas, United States, and several satellite campuses, research and educational centers, medical centers, and classes across the state of Kansas. Wikipedia

What position does Ben McLemore?

Shooting guard
Small forward
Ben McLemore/Position

What number will mclemore wear?

23Ben McLemore / Number (Portland Trail Blazers / Small forward, Shooting guard)
“I’m going back to 23,” he said of changing his jersey number back to what he wore at Kansas and with Sacramento and Memphis. He wore No. 7 with the Lakers — where he teamed with former KU forward Markieff Morris during the 2020-21 season — and No. 16 with the Rockets.

What team drafted mclemore?

2013 (Round: 1 / Pick: 7)Ben McLemore / NBA draft

How tall is mclemore?

6′ 3″Ben McLemore / Height

What number will McLemore wear?

Why did LeBron switch back to 6?

6 for the first time in games as a Laker, James explained why he made the switch. “It’s always been a part of me, to be honest,” James said. “Six has a lot of meaning to me, from my family and numbers and things of that nature to what I believe in and things of that sort, but my mentality doesn’t change.”

What happened to Ben McLemore?

Ben McLemore is not returning to the Lakers after less than half a season with the team. He’ll instead sign with the Blazers in free agency.

Why did Jordan switch numbers?

In Sunday’s upcoming episode of “The Last Dance,” Jordan explains why. “I didn’t want to go to No. 23 because I knew my father wasn’t there to watch me, and I felt it was a new beginning,” Jordan said. “And 45 was my first number when I played in high school.”