What NFL player lost a finger and keep playing?

What NFL player lost a finger and keep playing?

Ronnie Lott was one of those guys. All the proof you need is that he once amputated his pinky because he wanted to avoid missing games. The former San Francisco 49ers safety broke his left pinky finger trying to tackle running back Timmy Newsome in a game against the Dallas Cowboys in December of 1985.

What football player blew his fingers off?

2015 season On July 4, 2015, Pierre-Paul sustained a serious hand injury in a fireworks accident at his home after detonating a firework in his hand, blowing off a significant portion of his finger. Four days later he had his right index finger amputated. He signed a one-year deal with the team on October 27.

How did Ronnie Lott cut off his finger?

Lott switched to the safety position in 1985. He had the tip of his left pinky finger amputated after the 1985 season when it was crushed while tackling running back Timmy Newsome, and a bone graft surgery would not have allowed him to start the 1986 season.

Which Giants player blew off finger?

Perhaps no one knows this better than Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. In 2015, when JPP was a star defender and member of the New York Giants, he was involved in a serious fireworks accident on Independence Day which completely altered his life and football career.

Who is the strongest person in the NFL?

The strongest college football player of all time, Terry Long may have also been, despite weighing 50lbs. less than Larry Allen, the all-time strongest NFL player.

What NFL player blew his fingers off with fireworks?

What NFL player blew up his hand with fireworks?

She had spoken with Pierre-Paul earlier in the season, right before his first game back after a horrible fireworks accident that July. He had blown off his index finger and the top half of his middle finger.