What should I eat for dinner with gestational diabetes?

What should I eat for dinner with gestational diabetes?

Evening meal

  • Pasta with a homemade vegetable or chicken sauce, using a small amount of wholemeal pasta.
  • Beef stew with sweet potato, lentils or beans.
  • Chicken thighs, wrapped in bacon and roasted, served with a couple of new potatoes and green beans.
  • Grilled fish fillets with butter beans or other pulses.

What is the best breakfast for gestational diabetes?

The majority of dietitians and hospital dietary info. will suggest a suitable gestational diabetes breakfast as one of the following; Weetabix, Bran flakes, All Bran, Shreddies, Shredded Wheat, Granola, No added sugar Muesli, or porridge oats with semi-skimmed, or skimmed milk.

Is cheese OK for gestational diabetes?

People with diabetes can safely eat cheese as part of a balanced, healthful diet. As with other foods, moderation is key, and so a diet that includes too much cheese would be harmful to people with or without diabetes.

Can I eat pizza gestational diabetes?

Pizza and gestational diabetes Mamas with gestational diabetes can still enjoy pizza too! Prioritizing fiber and protein is key, and making sure to follow any carbohydrate guidelines given by the doctor or dietitian.

What is a good bedtime snack for gestational diabetes?

Try one the following healthful snacks before bed to help manage blood sugar levels and satisfy nighttime hunger:

  • A handful of nuts.
  • A hard-boiled egg.
  • Low-fat cheese and whole-wheat crackers.
  • Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, or cucumber slices.
  • Celery sticks with hummus.
  • Air-popped popcorn.
  • Roasted chickpeas.

Can I have pizza if I have gestational diabetes?

Is oatmeal OK for gestational diabetes?

Oatmeal offers a host of health benefits and can be a great go-to food for those with diabetes, as long as the portion is controlled. One cup of cooked oatmeal contains approximately 30 grams of carbs, which can fit into a healthy meal plan for people with diabetes.

Can I eat a burger if I have gestational diabetes?

Choose a plain small hamburger or lean grilled meat like chicken. Ask for whole-grain breads instead of white breads on sandwiches. Order a side salad instead of fries or chips. Choose mustard or light mayonnaise instead of sweet sauces such as ketchup or relish.

Does eating late at night raise blood sugar?

Late-night snacks add extra calories, which can lead to weight gain. And, if you snack after your evening meal — especially on foods with carbohydrates — you may wake up the next morning with a high blood sugar level.

Is oatmeal OK with gestational diabetes?

Is salad good for gestational diabetes?

Healthy vegetable choices include: Fresh or frozen vegetables without added sauces, fats, or salt. Dark green and deep yellow vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, romaine lettuce, carrots, and peppers.

What is a good nighttime snack for gestational diabetes?