What size is battery in Suzuki Grand Vitara?

What size is battery in Suzuki Grand Vitara?

Overview. The Suzuki Grand Vitara has a battery group of either 24F, 34R or 85. See the table below for dimensions.

What battery does a Suzuki Vitara have?

Duracell 055 / DA40L Advanced Car Battery.

How do I know what battery for my car?

In order to find the right battery for your car, you’ll need to know the group size. Step 1: Check for the group size on your old battery. If the battery that originally came with your car is still in it, look for the group size on a label on the battery. The label may be on the top or on the side of the case.

What size battery does a Suzuki Samurai take?

Value Battery – Battery, Group Size 26, 450 CCA (Part No. 26-V)

What is 55D23L battery?

Technical Information. The Delkor 55D23L is a high-quality calcium/calcium, sealed maintenance free battery. Its superior construction qualities include the latest PowerFrame plate grid technology for significant improvements in durability and performance, vibration resistance and extremely high cranking power.

How do you change the battery in a Suzuki Grand Vitara?

Let’s get it done

  1. Open the bonnet.
  2. Locate the battery.
  3. Use the 10mm to remove the negative (-) terminal.
  4. Use the 10mm to remove the positive (+) terminal.
  5. Use the 10mm and extension to remove the battery hold down bracket.
  6. Exchange battery. Assemble in reverse order.

Can you use a bigger battery in your car?

As several people have stated, no, a larger battery will not harm your alternator (or other electrical components), provided that it is putting out the correct voltage.

Can I put any car battery in my car?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” battery suitable for every car. The battery type, physical size, terminal configuration, and cold cranking amps (CCA) or amp-hour (Ah) rating are all important factors that ensure the proper fit and function of a battery.

What cars does an 063 battery fit?

This 063 is common in many Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Renault Clio, Citroen Saxo and many more. This little Car Battery can perform form 1.0 litre up to 1.8 litre petrol vehicles.

What size is 063 battery?

210L x 175W x 175H
063 Car Batteries

Brand Model Dimensions (mm)
Enduroline 063 210L x 175W x 175H
Varta C6 207L x 175W x 175H
Duracell DS44 210L x 175W x 175H
Yuasa YBX5063 207L x 175W x 175H