What size is my swamp cooler?

What size is my swamp cooler?

The usual formula to calculate the swamp cooler size is the following: Square feet needed to be cooled X ceiling height (in feet). You divide it by two, and this quotient is how many swamp cooler CFM you will want.

Are all swamp cooler pads the same size?

There are three measurements that you have to be concerned with in evaporative air cooler pads – length, width, and height. Obtaining the right size for the make and model of your air cooler is critical. Too large and it’s not going to fit inside of the unit properly.

What sizes do swamp cooler pads come in?

There are two sizes of pads available 8” and 12”. The thicker the pad the more water it can absorb. Many homeowners choose to upgrade their standard coolers to these types of coolers because of their cooling ability.

Should you cover your swamp cooler?

After cleaning your system thoroughly, you should cover your cooler with some kind of protective cover. Protective covers keep winter dust from getting into the motor and air ducts so when you turn your system on in the spring you don’t get all that dust into your home.

How do you measure a cooler?

Cooler capacity is generally stated in quarts or capacity in 12-ounce cans. One quart equals about 0.75 cans, so a 24-quart cooler will hold about three six packs or 18 cans. Another way to gauge capacity is to divide the capacity in quarts by 30, so a 60-quart cooler equals two cubic feet.

Can you reuse swamp cooler pads?

For homeowners that have Mastercool swamp coolers and a water softening system on their home, you should clean the pads annually and replace them every 3-5 years.

Can a swamp cooler be too big?

Signs of an Oversized Swamp Cooler Having your swamp cooler supply too much air can also cause problems in the kitchen. The biggest concern is that it can create air currents that will blow the exhaust plumes out of alignment with the exhaust hoods and interfere with the hoods’ ability to capture hot, greasy air.

What size air cooler do I need?

You can calculate the required CFM by dividing the cubic feet of your room by two. For example, if your room is 300 sq feet in size, with the ceiling at a height of 10 feet. Then the CFM required would be 1,500 (300 sq ft x 10 ft/2). The airflow of an air cooler also depends on whether it uses a blower or a fan.

What are cooler sizes?

Personal has 16 quarts or less, small has 17 to 35 quarts, the medium has 36 to 59 quarts, large has 60 to 99 quarts, and giant has 100 quarts and above of storage volume.

How many years does a swamp cooler last?

5 years
But, while swamp coolers don’t cost much to buy, they are a lot of work and money to maintain. Not only that, they are only warrantied to work for 5 years. Refrigerated air systems can last up to 20 years if properly maintained.

How often should you change out swamp cooler pads?

2-3 years
Generally, it is recommended to clean the pads at least once every year or twice a year (before and after use) and replace them after 2-3 years.

Do swamp coolers have thermostats?

You can yet regulate the swamp cooler if you so wish. The thermostat does not take away that function. There are several advantages to using a swamp cooler thermostat, though there are a couple of things to take into account before installing one.

How to size an evaporative cooler?

Evaporative cooler sizing is based on the airflow per square foot of floor area, and the conditions in the area being cooled. The formula for sizing evaporative coolers is: Total CFM needed = length of area x width of area x multiplying factor for area conditions from the table 1 below: Table 1. Multiplying factor for different conditions.

What size evaporative cooler do I Need?

For example,if your room is 450 square feet with 8-foot ceilings: 450 X 8 foot ceiling =

  • 3,600 cu. ft. x 30 air exchanges per hour = 108,000.
  • 108,000/60 minutes = 1,800 CFM.
  • What size evaporative cooler?

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