What type of account is GTCrea8?

What type of account is GTCrea8?

card-based interest bearing student account
GTCrea8 is a card-based interest bearing student account designed to provide undergraduates and students of professional institutions the best digital banking experience.

How much can a GTCrea8 account receive?

Do Everything for Free. You can now open your GTCrea8 account with just a passport photograph. This level 1 account has a transaction limit of single deposit limit of N50,000 and cumulative balance of N300,000.

What is the mission and vision of GTBank?

The GTBank vision is to become a Platform for Enriching Lives by building strong, value adding relationships with customers, stakeholders and the communities in which it operates.

Who are the owners of GTBank?

Tajudeen Afolabi Adeola is a Nigerian businessman and investor. He is the Founder of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank Plc.)., a member of the Commission for Africa, as well as Founder and Chairman of the FATE Foundation.

What is GTCrea8 card used for?

What you can do with a GTCrea8 Naira MasterCard. Complete secure transactions thanks to the Chip and PIN technology to guard against unauthorized payments. The card also uses Card Secure, which is an additional secure verification feature for web (online) transactions.

How much is the limit for GTBank student account?

You have a daily transaction limit of N20,000 and a maximum cumulative account balance of N100,000.

How much is the maximum amount in GTB student account?

What are the core values of GTBank?

We have a value system that is hinged on professionalism, ethics, integrity, and superior customer service. We maintain a culture of excellence and go to great lengths to actualize the popular phrase; The Customer Is King.

What is the motto of GTBank?

We are reliable, what we say is what we do; trust us to always do what is right. We care, we believe in building and sharing for the good of all.

What is the maximum amount in Uba student account?

FEATURES. Zero opening balance. Maximum single deposit of N50, 000.

How can I upgrade my GTB salary account?

How To Upgrade A Gtbank Account In Nigeria

  1. Take your ID card and a utility bill.
  2. Walk to the nearest GTBank branch.
  3. Request for an account upgrade.
  4. An agent at the bank will take your details, including your ID and utility bill.
  5. The agent will enter the remaining information required to complete your profile.

How do I upgrade my GTB student account online?

Login with username (either user ID, account number, email address or phone number) and password. After logging in, select the self-service option at the bottom of the page. Select ‘Account Upgrade’ as the service type. Input GTBank (NUBAN) Account Number and Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Can I use my Nin to upgrade my bank account?

Conversation. All banks now accept the NIN slip as a valid means of identification.

Why do you want to work with GTBank?

The words commonly used to describe the experience of working in GTBank are inspiring, rewarding, empowering and fun. That is because we have designed an environment that nurtures creativity, encourages team work and empowers our employees to grow in their personal and professional lives.