What was Joey Jordison drum set?

What was Joey Jordison drum set?

The kit. Pearl Reference Series: 8″x7″, 10″x8″, 12″x9″ and 14″x10″ toms; 16″x16″ and 18″x16″ floor toms; 22″x18″ bass drum (x2); 20″x14″ gong drum; 12″x6″, 15″x6″, 18″x6″ and 21″x6″ quarter toms (not pictured).

What type of drum set does Jay Weinberg use?

“My 48-ply, double-vented SJC snare drum is the cornerstone of my live sound.

What cymbals does Lars Ulrich use?

As far as cymbals go Ulrich has always favoured Zildjian, and the signature kit was no exception. At this point he was using two 14” Custom ‘Dyno Beat’ Hi Hats, one on his right and one on his left side, 17″ and 18″ A medium crashes, 16″, 17″, and 18″ A rock crashes, and 20″ Z Custom China.

What crash cymbals does Jay Weinberg use?

FAVORITE ZILDJIAN CYMBAL/COMBO My favorite Zildjian cymbal combination is 20″ A Custom crash cymbals and hi-hats, paired with 18″ Ultra Hammered China cymbals.

What pedals did Joey Jordison use?


  • Demon Drive 3000 Series.
  • Eliminator 2050 Series.
  • Eliminator Solo Series.
  • P-930 Series.
  • P-830 Series.
  • P-530 Series.
  • Bass Drum Pedal Beaters.
  • Drum Pedals Accessories.

Did Slipknot use a metronome?

Being tight is, to me, above all. Any band that’s impressive to me has always just been tight together. “As I apply that to a band like Slipknot, we don’t play live to a metronome or anything like that; we just do what we do because we listen to each other.

What cymbals do Joey Jordison use?

The Slipknot Editions have been personally chosen by Jordison and are based on his own 2008/2009 touring set-up. So it’s a 20″ Metal Ride, 17″, 18″ and 19″ Rock Crashes, an 18″ Rock China, a 14″ Sound Edge Hi-Hat, and a 10″ Metal Splash, all emblazoned with a gold Slipknot logo, that are first off the production line.

Does Lars ever use a ride?

He doesn’t use a ride cymbal Most drummers have a ride cymbal in their kit, but not Lars – and he hasn’t for a long time. It’s a pretty daring move for a drummer to remove such a classic component. He’s explained that it’s because he doesn’t like the ping of a ride cymbal and prefers cymbals he can crash on.

How much does Lars Ulrich drum set cost?

For summer 2017, Tama introduces the limited edition Starclassic Lars Ulrich WorldWired Kit ($6,150 MSRP). This 6-piece double-bass drum set offers the same configuration as the Lars Ulrich drum set that he uses on tour with Metallica, and is designed to inspire the hard rock/metal drummer.

Did Joey Jordison use drum triggers?

Apart from using classic acoustic drums and cymbals of all size and shape, Jordison is famous for use of electronic drum triggers, which give him even more versitility of sound when playing.

Why did Slipknot use a goat?

“My mentor who got me going into photography, Stefan Seskis, he shot the first album cover, I came up with the concept and I so badly wanted to shoot the second album cover, and I just couldn’t get it done. One day I handed him the goat,” Clown said.