What was the Crota raid called?

What was the Crota raid called?

Crota’s End is the flagship Raid of The Dark Below expansion, made available to players on December 9th, 2014….

Crota’s End
Location: The Hellmouth, Moon/Oversoul Throne, Ascendant Realm
Objective(s): Assassinate Crota, Son of Oryx in his throne realm.

How long did it take to beat Crota’s End?

The Destiny clan known as Invigorate Gaming secured the honor of the first completion. Shortly after 10 a.m. ET — just over six hours after The Dark Below went live — a member of Invigorate Gaming tweeted a photo of the in-game emblem players receive upon finishing Crota’s End, proving that the group had done it.

What is the deathsinger challenge?

The Deathsinger Challenge Mode involves killing Ir Yut with the Swordbearers sword before her Liturgy of Ruin song wipes the team. To get the swordbearer to come out you will need to kill everything that spawns.

What did oryx do Crota?

Although Oryx saved his throne world from the Vex and became intrigued by their fascination with geometry, he punished Crota for his reckless experiments. Grabbing him by one of his legs, the Taken King flung his progeny into the Vex gate network and ordered him to return home covered in glory or not at all.

What is Swordbearer?

Swordbearer is a fantasy system with some innovative ideas. Characters have no classes or professions, instead learning whatever skills are appropriate from six different “spheres” of skills. In this moneyless system, successful characters increase in social status, automatically gaining whatever material benefits their status confers.

Will there ever be an X-Men Swordbearer?

At least one of the Swordbearers, Summoner, has already played a role in the core X-Men title, introducing Arakko and the concept of Apocalypse’s secret island.

What are the Swordbearers of Arakko?

Like Krakoa, Arakko is a living island (notice that their names are anagrams for each other) where Apocalypse once ruled, and where he maintains a cabal of warriors working on his secret machinations – the Swordbearers of Arakko. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…

Who is the leader of the Titans East?

In the Teen Titans animated series, the Titans East form as a result of Brother Blood’s continued “activities” for the H. I. V. E. Cyborg is the temporary leader of the team in the episode “Titans East”, in which he helps build their Titans Tower and helps them become a cohesive team, acting as a mentor-like mediator of sorts.