Whats a good time for a 10K swim?

Whats a good time for a 10K swim?

between 1 hour 50 minutes and 2 hours
A 10K race will take between 1 hour 50 minutes and 2 hours. A 25K race can take between 5 and 7 hours. Swimmers take a wide variety of liquids and gel packs during races above 5K. Liquids include Gatorade, flavored water or water.

How long does it take to swim 10K open water?

Marathon swimming isn’t anything like it sounds. First, the Olympic event is not even a marathon; it’s a 10K (or 6.2 miles). The reason it got that name was because it typically takes elite-level swimmers about the same to complete the open-water race as a road marathon takes to run — around two hours.

What is a good open water pace?

Any pace under 1:45 per 100 meters in the open water is admirable for competitive swimmers and any endurance athlete. Any pace under 2:30 per 100 meters in the open water is respectable for any adult, especially relative to the population in general.

What is the fastest 10K swim?

Qualification Races (Male)

  • Florian Wellbrock (Germany) 1:47:55.90.
  • Marc-Antoine Olivier (France) 1:47:56.10.
  • Rob Muffels (Germany) 1:47:57.40.
  • Kristóf Rasovszky (Hungary) 1:47:59.50.
  • Jordan Wilimovsky (USA) 1:48:01.00.
  • Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy) 1:48:01.00.
  • Ferry Weertman (Netherlands) 1:48:01.90.

How fast do marathon swimmers go?

average speed of a marathon swimmer compared to a marathon runner. The MSF has just posted statistics on the Facebook page about how fast an average marathon swimmer is. The speed is quoted as 3.2 kph at 10 km for amateurs. This translate to about 3:07:30 for the whole race.

How do I prepare for a 10K swim?

Aim for a speed increase of between 0.5-1.0 per cent at CSS pace per week. CSS sets include: 15 to 20 x 100m, with 15s rest; 8 to 10 x 200m, with 20s rest; 4 to 6 x 400m, with 30s rest; and 3 to 5 x 500m, with 40s. Aim to hold great form throughout.

What is average open water swimming speed?

The average swimmer can move at a speed of about 2 miles per hour, which is about the same as taking 56 seconds to swim a 50 metre length of a pool. For comparison, Michael Phelps, the aquatic champ, swims at a speedy 6 miles per hour, according to ESPN.

How do open water swimmers train?

The best way to better your open water swimming skills is to swim regularly in the open water. While you’re out there, take time to really improve by incorporating some important open water drills. These drills can help you fine tune your open water skills and be ready for your next event.

What is a good time for swimming a mile in open water?

While top swimmers can swim a mile in a pool in around 15 minutes, an experienced swimmer can swim a mile in the open water in approximately 25-30 minutes according to triathlon coach Megan Tobin.

Do you swim slower in open water?

For most, open water tempo is higher compared to pool swimming resulting in a faster overall pace. Typically, tempo is higher due to the lack of wall push-offs resulting in fewer opportunities to glide off the wall and rest.

Who is the fastest open water swimmer?

Paltrinieri, who lowered his own 1500m European record to 14:33.10 at the Sette Colli in Rome last Thursday, enjoyed an emphatic win in the open water in 1:52.09. 7. Olympic bronze medallist Marc-Antoine Olivier was 14.2secs behind in second in 1:52.23.

How long does a 10km marathon swim take?

around two hours
Marathon swimming is the longest swimming event on the Olympic programme, covering 10km in open water. Lasting around two hours, the race tests swimmers’ endurance and is often decided by tenths of seconds.

Is a 10KM swim hard?

The 10KM marathon is the pinnacle of open water swimming and an increasingly popular distance at Great Swim, alongside its little sister, the 5KM. These are seriously challenging events, and there’s loads you need to know before you get out there.

How long does it take to swim 5km open water?

In most forms of self-powered locomotion 5km isn’t far – it’s an hour’s walk, a run of less than half an hour for most, or an even quicker bike ride. It’s a ruddy long way, though, when you’re propelling yourself through water – 2½ hours is a good target for the uninitiated.

What is a good stroke rate for open water swimming?

between 75 and 95 strokes per minute
Elite open-water swimmers have stroke rates of between 75 and 95 strokes per minute, whereas age-group triathlon swimmers have stroke rates nearer 50 to 60 strokes per minute.

How hard is it to swim a mile without stopping?

Swimming a fast mile – either in the pool or in the open water – is a gut-wrenching, gut-busting endurance event between 16 – 20 minutes for fast swimmers. Your pulse rate will be high and you will feel lactate build up in your arms and legs.

What is the distance a normal swimmer can swim in miles?

A mile may seem like a lot to swim, but for a competent swimmer, a mile is usually a mere warm-up. A full practice can be anywhere between 3-8 miles depending on the type of practice, the time of the season, and the swimmer. An average practice is usually two hours. The swimmer will start with a warmup.