Whats the difference between a Fiat 500 and 595?

Whats the difference between a Fiat 500 and 595?

Think of the 595 and 695 as special editions of the 500. They’ve got more bells and whistles, more factory fun things (like a Monza exhaust, performance air filters, a sequential gearbox, etc), and in several of these cases more performance to boot.

Is an Abarth 595 a Fiat?

The Abarth 595 is a sporty version of the compact Fiat 500 city car that comes with more powerful engines, upgraded suspension and a few eye-catching styling tweaks.

How safe is the Abarth 595?

The Abarth 595 retains the full five-star Euro NCAP crash test rating of the Fiat 595 and all models come with hill-hold assist, ESP and Torque Transfer Control which manages the delivery of power to the front wheels.

What makes the 595 Competizione so special?

The 595 Competizione already demands attention with new Monte Carlo design 17” Alloy Wheels, Quad Tip Record Monza Exhaust and Tar Cold Grey body highlights. Give it even more personality with the options of a contrasting black roof (on selected colours) or stylish body kit (Rally Blue and Scorpione Black only).

What is the top speed of a 595 engine?

1.4 Turbo T-Jet to 4 cylinders in line, a power of 145 HP and a maximum torque of 206 Nm at 3000 r/m. The 595 engine can reach the 210 km/h of speed, with acceleration 0-100 in 7,8.” It still is not enough for you? Relax, it is only the beginning.

What is the Abarth Abarth 595?

Abarth 595 is the starting model for those who want to enter into the world of Abarth. 1.4 Turbo T-Jet with 145 HP, Torque Transfer Control and standard Scorpion Button, new satin chrome finishes. It’s time to start having fun. Seriously. Sport seats in fabric with height adjustment: overcome your limits easily.

Why choose Uconnect™ live for Abarth 595?

Thanks to Uconnect™ Live services, Abarth 595 becomes even more social with access to applications like Facebook and Twitter directly from the onboard system. And choosing the Uconnect™ 7’’ Radio Nav LIVE HD you have Mopar ® Map Care, that offers free map updates every three months for three years.