When can you do a Hefsek Tahara?

When can you do a Hefsek Tahara?

Newlywed. According to Orthodox authorities, a bride who experiences bleeding from the hymen upon her marriage’s consummation counts only four days before performing a hefsek tahara, instead of the usual five.

What does Bedikah mean in English?

the ritual inspection
Definition of bedikah : the ritual inspection (as of a ceremonial act, person, or object) to ascertain fitness or unfitness according to rabbinical law.

What is Taharat HaMishpacha?

Taharat HaMishpacha, or Jewish family purity laws, includes the practice of separation between a menstruating woman and her husband.

What does niddah mean in Hebrew?

Niddah (or nidah; Hebrew: נִדָּה), in traditional Judaism, describes a woman who has experienced a uterine discharge of blood (most commonly during menstruation), or a woman who has menstruated and not yet completed the associated requirement of immersion in a mikveh (ritual bath).

What is forbidden during niddah?

In the Book of Leviticus, the Torah prohibits sexual intercourse with a niddah. The prohibition has been maintained in traditional Jewish law and by the Samaritans….Niddah.

Halakhic texts relating to this article
Babylonian Talmud: Niddah
Mishneh Torah: Kedushah (Holiness): Issurei Biah (forbidden sexual relations): 4–11

What do you wear to the mikvah?

The idea of mikvah is that there is no barrier between the person and the water. This means not only no clothes but also no jewelry, makeup, nail polish, fake nails or beauty products on the hair or skin.

What is the timing of hefsek taharah?

>Timing of Hefsek Taharah A woman performs a hefsek taharah examination when she believes that her uterine bleeding may have ceased. If the examination confirms the absence of blood, she may begin counting the seven blood-free days (shivah neki’im)the following day.

Is a hefsek taharah valid if I don’t change my underwear?

(Some women switch to whites on the morning of a planned hefsek taharah, using a pantiliner that can be removed after the examination.) If a woman forgets to change or does not have white underwear available, the hefsek taharahis usually still considered valid after the fact.

How to prepare for hefsek in nine days?

Preparing early for hefsek Bath before hefsek in nine days Late hefsek on Thursday Looking at toilet paper as hefsek Pantiliners during clean days Bedikot with busy hospital job Unclear ruling from rabbi Discarded brown hefsek Irritation from hefsek Speck on hefsek Morning hefsek Color of lochia Tishah B’Av hefsek

How often should you review the laws of Taharat Hamishpacha?

In-depth study with a qualified instructor and periodic review of all the laws of Taharat Hamishpacha remain essential. Every couple should carefully review the laws of Taharat Hamishpacha and the mikvah calendar ( cheshbon calendar) at least once a year. What is a luach? A luach is a Hebrew calendar.