When did Penguins change logos?

When did Penguins change logos?

1993–1999: With the 1992–1993 season, the Penguins logo gets a bold new look. The penguin and golden triangle are still present, but they take on a more streamlined, modern style; they’re blended into one picture.

Why does the Penguins logo have a triangle?

The yellow, or gold triangle was a tribute to the team’s mother-city, as its downtown was nicknamed the Golden Triangle. The emblem was enclosed in a double circle frame, with a blue wordmark placed around its perimeter.

What is the logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins?

The Penguins logo is a penguin playing hockey in front of a golden triangle. The golden triangle represents Downtown Pittsburgh, as it is bounded by two rivers and forms a pointed landmass that looks like a triangle. The Penguins have one of the most robust trademark portfolios of the NHL teams.

What famous logo has a penguin?

Penguin Books has a penguin logo. The Linux operating system and Tencent QQ instant messenger also use a penguin as their mascot.

Who Wears Original Penguin?

Perhaps on a shirt. Munsingwear had been looking for a new logo, something that could compete with Lacoste’s infamous crocodile. Pederson now had an idea for such a symbol, and Original Penguin by Munsingwear (and the Earl polo shirt, named for bowler Earl Anthony) was born.

Why did the Penguins steal the Bruins colors?

Boston protested the color change to the NHL, arguing that black and gold had always been exclusively associated with the Bruins. However, the Penguins prevailed by virtue of a precedent set by the Pittsburgh Pirates hockey club of the late 1920’s, which sported the colors.

Where is Sidney Crosby’s cottage?

As one of the most notable and secretive homes, Crosby purchased a property in Sewickley, near Halifax and Nova Scotia, in 2011 for $800,000. The old house that been initially there was then torn down, and in its stead, he built a 10,642 square foot home in its place.

Who owns the penguin brand?

Perry Ellis International
About Perry Ellis International The company, through one or more of its subsidiaries, enhances its roster of brands by licensing trademarks from third parties including: Nike® for swimwear, and Callaway®, PGA TOUR®, and Jack Nicklaus® for golf apparel.

Why is the Linux logo a penguin?

Torvalds was looking for something fun and sympathetic to associate with Linux, and he felt that a slightly fat penguin sitting down after having eaten a great meal perfectly fit the bill.

What brand of clothing has a penguin logo?

Perry Ellis International | Original Penguin. Building on its appeal to youth culture, Original Penguin leverages the brand’s mantra to “Be An Original”. Original Penguin pays homage to its rich brand heritage, having been adored by countless icons for more than 60 years.