When was the last time NFC won Pro Bowl?

When was the last time NFC won Pro Bowl?

Pro Bowls

Season Lg Winner
2012 NFL NFC
2011 NFL AFC
2010 NFL NFC
2009 NFL AFC

Who won the Pro Bowl in 2014?

Team Rice
Team Rice won the game 22–21….2014 Pro Bowl.

Nielsen ratings 5.4 (national) US viewership: 9.27 million est.
Market share 6
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Why did they move Pro Bowl?

As part of efforts to make the game more relevant, the NFL moved the game to Camping World Stadium in Orlando under a multi-year deal through 2017 through 2020, and revived its skills competition.

Who won Pro Bowl 2013?

The Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers had the most Pro Bowl selections with nine. The Kansas City Chiefs, despite only winning two games, had six selections….Scoring summary.

Scoring Play Time Score
AFC – A. J. Green 49 yd. pass from Andrew Luck (Phil Dawson kick) 6:02 NFC 62–35

Can you blitz in the Pro Bowl?

Also, only defensive ends and tackles may rush on passing plays, but those must be on the same side of the ball. The defense is not permitted to blitz. All blindside blocks and blocks below the waist are illegal. Formations and pass coverage schemes are simplified packages.

Will Tom Brady play in the Pro Bowl?

Tom Brady is not at the 2022 Pro Bowl, despite being voted in, because he has chosen to wrap up his unparallelled NFL career. However, eight of his teammates from a Tampa Bay Buccaneers team that tied for the NFL’s best regular-season record in 2021 are in Vegas for the league’s annual all-star showcase.