Where are LTTE now?

Where are LTTE now?

Secondly, many of the ex-combatants who were forced to join the LTTE do not want to regroup again and are looking forward towards a normal life. However, the LTTE sympathizers are still there in foreign countries. They have formed a Trans-National Government of Tamil Eelam.

Who planned Rajiv Gandhi death?

At 10:10 pm, a woman later identified as Thenmozhi Rajaratnam – a member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam – approached Gandhi in public and greeted him. She then bent down to touch his feet and detonated a belt laden with 700 g (1.5 lb) of RDX explosives tucked under her dress.

Who owns Sri Lanka land?

the State
85% of lands in Sri Lanka belong to the State. Private ownership of agricultural land is limited to 50 acres per person and restrictions apply to sales, leasing, and mortgaging and to use of the state lands.

What is Diga marriage?

Diga marriage – A marriage in which the wife joins the husband’s family, where the wife may not claim inheritance on a share of her family property. Her dowry is incorporated into the wealth of the husband’s family.

Who is Velupillai Prabhakaran?

Velupillai Prabhakaran. By then, the LTTE also known as the Tamil Tigers controlled large swathes of land in the north and east of the country, running a de facto state with Prabhakaran serving as its leader. Peace talks eventually broke down, and the Sri Lanka Army launched a military campaign to defeat the Tamil Tigers in 2006.

What happened to Prabhakaran’s family?

Prabhakaran and his son Charles Anthony were killed in fighting with the Sri Lankan Army in May 2009. His wife’s and daughter’s bodies were reportedly found by the Sri Lankan army but the report was later denied by the Sri Lankan government. It was alleged that his 12-year-old second son was executed a short time later.

Was Prabhakaran the only man in Sri Lanka who could decide?

Former Tamil guerrilla and politician Dharmalingam Sithadthan has remarked that Prabhakaran’s “dedication to the cause of the Tamil Eelam was unquestionable, he was the only man in Sri Lanka who could decide if there should be war or peace.”

Who is Prabhakaran Erambu?

Interpol described him as someone who was “very alert, known to use disguise and capable of handling sophisticated weaponry and explosives.” Prabhakaran was married to Mathivathani Erambu on 1 October 1984.