Where are Stovax fireplaces made?

Where are Stovax fireplaces made?

Based in Exeter, England, Stovax Ltd was established in 1981 to design, manufacture and distribute wood burning stoves and fireside accessories.

Where are Stovax stoves manufactured?

Exeter, Devon
Stovax’s British-made stoves come from their plant in Exeter, Devon. They’ve been making stoves there for almost 40 years.

Are Gazco fires any good?

“Absolutely Brilliant Fire and Surround” We recently had a Gazco Studio 2 gas fire fitted with a Graphite Steel surround – we are absolutely thrilled with it! The gas fire looks amazing, especially when it is on and it heats up the room in minutes.

Where in Devon is Stovax based?

Stovax are based in Exeter in Devon and they make a huge range of stoves, from traditional models such as the Stockton, Brunel and Huntingdon, to much more contemporary versions such as their View and Riva Studio insets.

What is a balanced flue?

Unlike a conventional flue, a balanced flue allows air to enter from outside to supply the appliance with oxygen. In the case of a gas condensing boiler, the balanced flue contains two tubes: one tube lets oxygen in, the other tube lets waste gases out.

Where are MI fires made?

Born and Bred in the Lake District, this British-designed wood-burning stove is Eco Design ready ensuring the highest standards of efficiency and cleanliness.

Can you have a log burner with a balanced flue?

If you don’t have a chimney, your other alternative is an electric stove. While these do look great, balanced flues do have the advantage of providing a real, cosy flame and authentic log burner appearance. They are easy to install.

Is a balanced flue better?

Here are some of the best benefits of balanced flue gas fires: They are highly efficient – balanced flue gas fires are much more efficient than open gas fires or solid fuel fires. They can be over 90% efficient, as less heat is lost up the chimney and more is pushed into your room.

What is the best multi-fuel stove in the UK?

Flavel Arundel 4.9kW Multifuel DEFRA Approved Stove.

  • Woodford Lowry Ecodesign Multifuel Stove 5kW (£499)
  • Flavel Arundel XL Multifuel DEFRA Approved Stove.
  • Saltfire Bignut 5 Multifuel Ecodesign Stove.
  • Aga Ellesmere EC5 Multifuel Ecodesign Stove.
  • ACR Birchdale DEFRA Approved Multifuel Stove.
  • Does a log burner need an outside wall?

    To fit a log burning stove without a chimney, you will need to install a twin wall chimney flue system to take fumes from the stove to outside. Twin wall flue systems – also sometimes called pre-fabricated chimney systems – are made up of connectable stainless steel pipes, wrapped in insulation.

    Is a balanced flue room sealed?

    A balanced flue gas fire is a completely room-sealed appliance. The gas and air required for combustion circulate around the fire chamber and concentric flue in order to create the maximum heat output, most realistic flame picture and best possible energy efficiency.

    Can a balanced flue go through roof?

    A balanced flue normally exits a building horizontally, through a wall, or vertically, through your roof.