Where are the wallet upgrades in Wind Waker?

Where are the wallet upgrades in Wind Waker?

Two Wallet upgrades can be found on the Great Sea in The Wind Waker in either order. One can be found on Outset Island after Link has obtained the Bombs.

Where is the fairy that upgrades Armour?

To upgrade armor outfits, you’ll need to locate the Great Fairy. There are multiple Great Fairies hidden throughout Hyrule, but the first is located northwest of Kakariko Village. This is the first Great Fairy Fountain you’ll be able to access safely in the game, and should be unlocked as early as possible.

Where are the 4 fairy fountains in breath of the wild?

There are four Great Fairy Fountains that can be found throughout Hyrule Kingdom in Breath of the Wild: in the woods above Kakariko Village, south of Tabantha Tower, in the woods south of Tarrey Town, and among the Leviathan skeleton in Dragon’s Exile in Gerudo Desert.

How do you upgrade Great Fairy?

As you approach and interact with the cocoon, the Great Fairy within will request a certain amount of Rupees from Link, in order to be “awakened”. After the Great Fairy in question has been awakened, they will request a certain amount of items from Link, in order to upgrade any of the armor items that you posses.

How do you get the big Octo in Wind Waker?

Six Big Octos lurk in the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. When looking to find these fearsome creatures, Link will need to go to the island associated with them. Then, look for a ring of four seagulls, which will cause the Big Octo to appear.

What happens when you find all the fairy fountains?

For every Fairy Fountain you visit, the Great Fairies you find will be able to upgrade your armor another level. So after you met the first Great Fairy, she can upgrade each piece of armor to level one.

Is the horse God a Great Fairy?

While not technically a Great Fairy, Malanya is located in a fountain that very much resembles one belonging to a Great Fairy. Once you give him 1,000 Rupees, you’ll quickly discover that Malanya is decidedly not a Great Fairy at all, but is in fact the Horse God.

How do you carry more Deku Nuts?

Business Scrub Deku Nut Upgrade A boulder outside the Sacred Forest Meadow conceals a Secret Grotto. Destroying the boulder with a bomb opens the grotto, which holds two Business Scrubs. Bounce back the nuts they launch and then go speak to the first one, who will sell Link a Deku Nut capacity upgrade for 40 Rupees.

Where can I find Big Octo?

the Great Sea
In The Wind Waker, Big Octos are large, squid-like creatures that inhabit the waters of the Great Sea, and will appear if Link sails nearby. A total of 6 Big Octos can be found in the Great Sea, one has 4 eyes, three have 8 eyes, and two have 12 eyes….Big Octo.

Location Eyes Reward
Tingle Island Twelve Piece of Heart

Does the horse God count as a Great Fairy?

What happens if you cook a fairy?

You can get a unique recipe for only cooking a Fairy. It will produce a potion that restores 8 Hearts per Fairy. It also has a unique sprite. However, it does not allow you recover if you lose all your hearts.