Where can I buy a Detroit newspaper?

Where can I buy a Detroit newspaper?

Best newspaper stands in Detroit, MI in June 2022

  • Barnes & Noble. 8.0 mi. $$ Bookstores, Newspapers & Magazines, Music & DVDs.
  • Detroit Free Press. 3.0 mi. Print Media.
  • Barnes & Noble Book Sellers. 31.8 mi. 48 reviews.
  • Nicola’s Books. 35.8 mi. $$ Newspapers & Magazines, Bookstores.
  • Jewish News. 14.9 mi.
  • Usa Today Travel Zone. 16.6 mi.

How many newspapers does Detroit have?

six newspapers
No fewer than six newspapers have borne the name of the Detroit Times over the years, with varying degrees of success and longevity.

What is the biggest newspaper in Michigan?

Top 30 newspapers in Michigan

Rank Outlet Location
1 The Flint Journal Grand Rapids, MI
2 Detroit Free Press Detroit, MI
3 Detroit News Detroit, MI
4 Automotive News Detroit, MI

How much is the Detroit News Sunday paper?

The Sunday Free Press newsstand price will remain $1.50 in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties, but will increase starting on Oct. 4 to $2 outside of that area, and the promotional $1 price for the Sunday paper offered by some participating dealers also ends then.

Where do I get the Detroit Free Press?

Check out the latest Detroit Free Press subscription offerings at subscribe.freep.com/specialoffer.

When did the Detroit Times go out of business?

November 6, 1960
They were nearly finished with that day’s first edition of the Times, but were given the news, told to stop what they were doing and to leave the premises, making the Sunday, November 6, 1960 edition, the final ever for the Detroit Times.

Where can I read the Detroit Free Press for free?

Call 800-395-3300 or visit subscribe.freep.com. Keep reading for the answers to your questions….Here are just a few benefits:

  1. The option to select keywords for articles of interest.
  2. Ability to download PDFs of that day’s newspaper for reading at a future time when an Internet connection might not be available.

Where can I buy Detroit Free Press?

Visit www.freep.com/archives to search and order copies of the newspaper.

How much is the daily Detroit Free Press?

DETROIT, MI – The newsstand price of The Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press has doubled to $1, the first increase since 2003. The change covers papers sold Monday through Saturday at coin boxes or at retailers.

Do they still make cars in Detroit?

Today, there are only two auto factories left in Detroit. GM has its headquarters downtown (the company was required to stay as part of the auto bailout in 2009) and assembles the plug-in Chevy Volt at its Poletown plant, employing nearly 3,000 people in all.

How much is The Detroit News Sunday paper?