Where can I buy pearls in Mallorca?

Where can I buy pearls in Mallorca?

Palma’s Carrer de Sant Miquel, the long shopping street just off Plaza España, is home to several jewellery shops, most of which offer Mallorca pearl collections; and some are entirely dedicated to pearls. Much-loved island designer Isabel Guarch frequently makes use of pearls in her exquisite collections of handcrafted jewellery made on Mallorca.

What is the difference between Mallorca pearls and real pearls?

Whether natural, cultivated or imitation – pearls are sensory. Genuine and cultivated pearls are a bit cooler to the touch than a Mallorca pearl, their surface is a little more delicate. The Mallorca pearl is as pleasant on the skin as a genuine pearl and takes on the body’s heat.

What makes Orquidea pearls unique?

Under the direction of its founder, Juan María Forgas, Orquidea developed a surprising formulathat reproduced the process of creating cultured pearls; a process which closely resembles the natural way an oyster makes a pearl, and uses natural marine materials to create an exquisite handmade product.

How pearls like La Pelegrina form?

How pearls like La Pelegrina form. Originally, this pearl was formed like every genuine pearl, in a natural way without human interference. In the natural process some minute foreign substance such as a larva, a piece of coral, or a grain of sand happens to get into the body of the mussel.

What is the difference between Mallorca pearls and majórica pearls?

The pearls of ‘Majórica’ are often equated with Mallorca pearls in general. The name Mallorca pearl, though, is an indication of country of origin referring to all artificial pearls made in Mallorca and manufactured in basically the same way.

How do you take care of your Mallorca pearls?

Wrap the pearls in linen, soft cloth, or place them in a soft pouch. Mallorca pearls are more durable, so heat, cosmetics, oil, chlorine, bleach or sea water do not affect them as much as they do natural or cultured pearls. All pearls can be wiped with a damp cloth and a little alcohol to remove dirt and perspiration.

Where can I buy authentic Orquídea pearls?

You can receive a gift when you buy authentic ORQUÍDEA pearls in the shop which the Factory owns in the city centre (the best quality at factory prices) 300 metres from the Cathedral, or 20 metres from Palma Town Hall.

What makes Antilles pearls so valuable?

The so-called Antilles pearls, though, are covered with a pressed pearl-substance. The value of a pearl depends on the combination of its colour, size, perfection, and symmetry. Another crucial factor is the pearl lustre, an intense glow emanating from within the pearl as a result of good nacre quality.

What is the largest pearl in the world?

The largest pearl in the world was found in the Persian golf in the 17th century and was made into a crown jewel for a Chinese empress. It is 7.5 x 5 cm large and pear-shaped. Together with more pearls and pink jadeite it was worked into a piece of jewellery and is supposedly kept in a bank safe in London.