Where can I walk in Saigon?

Where can I walk in Saigon?


  • PHAN XICH LONG ALLEYWAYS: Phu Nhuan District.
  • LE VAN SY ALLEYWAYS: Phu Nhuan District.
  • HO THI KY ALLEYWAYS: District 10.
  • DOAN VAN BO ALLEYWAYS: District 4.

Is there a walking street in Vietnam?

this long stretch of road runs parallel to pham ngu lao raod. all along this narrow and busy road you will see bars restos and all are jamed packed with people till late in the night. it is open till 1am and some even later.

Where do most expats live in Saigon?

District 2 (specifically the Thao Dien neighborhood) is where most expats living in Saigon tend to end up, especially families. Thao Dien is known for having great international schools. It also has a ton of restaurants, cute cafes, boutique shops, bars, and nightclubs.

Is Ho Chi Minh walkable?

In downtown Ho Chi Minh City and in District 7’s Phu My Hung, it’s quite walkable, while other areas are not.

Is Saigon safe to live?

Vietnam is a safe country, but like every city, Ho Chi Minh does have petty crime. Expats should be watchful of their belongings and aware of those around them.

Is Saigon a nice place to live?

“Saigon is a very calming place, despite all the chaos. The lifestyle is relaxed and everyone seems to always make it to places (almost) on time.” The bustling city also offers friendly faces, an active social scene and some of the best (and cheapest) street food on the planet.

How much money do I need for 1 month in Vietnam?

Our rough estimate was a budget of around US$ 3,000 (total for 2 people) for 30 days. That worked out at US$ 50 per day per person, which is a comfortable amount for Vietnam and would allow us room for the occasional splurge. We break down our travel expenses into the following categories: Flights.