Where did the term youngin originate?

Where did the term youngin originate?

Youngin’ is an alternate spelling for Young’un, which does come from “young one”, and is rural western and southern US speech for “child.” They use this in some Scottish, Irish and English dialects as well with the same meaning.

How do you write youngin?

young one, young’un, youngin, yo’ng-un, youngern, n. A child. with citations to instances of multiple additional spellings as well between 1840 and 1941.

What does youngin mean urban dictionary?

noun. young person. Don’t mess with my youngin. See more words with the same meaning: young person.

Is youngen a word?

noun Informal. young one; child.

What is the meaning of youngest daughter?

: one that is the least old especially : the youngest child or member of a family.

How do you spell Youn?

Correct spelling for YOUN

  1. noun Collective Noun When a noun of multitude or collective noun is the antecedent, the pronoun, like the verb, must be plural or singular according to the sense intended to be conveyed.
  2. yon What a simple-minded child yon are, marquis!
  3. young She was as young and beautiful as ever they said.

What does it mean when a guy calls you youngin?

Noun. youngin (plural youngins) (Southern US, Britain West Country, Northern England, informal) A young one: a youth, a child, a kid, young person.

How do you spell younghans?

Younghans Name Meaning Americanized form of German Junghans.

How do you spell slang youngin?

Youngin definition A young one: a youth, a child.

How do you spell Youngins in slang?

Is Youngs a Scrabble word?

YOUNGS is a valid scrabble word.

What does Skete mean in Chicago?

Skete. A Skete (from Coptic ϣⲓ(ϩ)ⲏⲧ via Greek σκήτη) is a monastic community in Eastern Christianity that allows relative isolation for monks, but also allows for communal services and the safety of shared resources and protection.

What does it mean when someone calls you little lady?

noun. 1A young female child, a girl; = “little woman” (also “my little lady”). 2(Often with the) a man’s wife or partner, or (more widely) any woman, often considered condescending or offensive.

Which month is a homonym?

A homonym, in contrast, is used to refer to words which have the same spelling and pronunciation but have a different meaning. Here are a few examples: May (month), may (possibility); can (be able), can (put something in container); bear (the animal), bear (to carry).