Where is Aiden from the voice now?

Where is Aiden from the voice now?

Calafiore grew up and currently resides in Moonee Ponds, Victoria, with his parents Melanie and Phil Calafiore, along with his two sisters.

Do Aiden and Kyle have the same voice?

Some characters discuss Kyle Crane, voiced by Roger Craig Smith in 2015, leaving gamers to make up their own minds about his true fate. Jonah Scott explained he had taken inspiration from Smith’s performance when gearing up to take on the character of Aiden Caldwell.

Who is the voice actor for Aiden Caldwell?

Jonah Scott
Aidan Caldwell voice actor – Jonah Scott The main protagonist of Dying Light 2 is voiced by Jonah Scott. Scott is a voice actor who got his first role in 2019 as Pheonix in One Punch Man’s second season.

Who talks for Aiden on Dying Light 2?

The main voice you’ll hear in Dying Light 2 is that of Jonah Scott, an experienced voice actor who provides the voice of the game’s pilgrim protagonist Aiden.

How old is Madi K?

21 year old
Madi K is a multi-talented 21 year old singer/songwriter and performer from Melbourne, Australia.

Is Crane and Aiden the same?

I wish Crane could’ve seen this.” Aiden asks who that is, confirming that he’s not Crane’s secret brother or BFF. “Doesn’t matter,” Spike says, putting the topic to bed. You can watch the Crane reference for yourself below, if you so wish!

How old is Bella the voice?

From her very first blind audition through to her stunning rendition of The Greatest Showman’s Never Enough and emotional duet of Andrea Bocelli’s The Prayer with coach Guy Sebastian, the 23-year-old wowed audiences and moved us to tears with her powerful voice.

Where is Madi Krstevski now?

Madi is currently competing in the Miss Universe Australia 2021 program as a National Finalist.

Does Madi Krstevski have a boyfriend?

Speaking to 9Now after the show aired on Tuesday, the 19-year-old revealed she’s found love with fellow former The Voice Australia contestant Jackson Parfitt, 20.

How did Aiden get infected?

Aiden’s Infection During the early hours of Dying Light 2, Aiden gets bitten by a roaming volatile, joining the large number of Villedor citizens that live with the virus.

Is Aiden superhuman?

The speed with which Aiden is welcomed as a citizen may raise some eyebrows, but developer Techland has been quick to point out that Aiden’s abilities make him a valuable asset. Exactly how he possesses this superhuman strength, however, could explain why he has been an outcast.

Does Aiden Caldwell have powers?

With his unique abilities, Aiden has the power to be an agent of change within this decaying metropolis. Aiden is a member of an outcast group known as the Pilgrims.