Where is EXL based?

Where is EXL based?

320 Park Avenue, New York , United
EXL Service

Type Public
Headquarters 320 Park Avenue, New York , United States
Key people Vikram Pandit (Chairman) Rohit Kapoor (Vice Chairman & CEO)
Services Business process management, operations management and analytics
Revenue US$1.12 billion (2021)

How do I contact EXL?

EXL Service Headquarters

  1. 320 Park Avenue, 29th Floor.
  2. New York, NY 10022, USA.
  3. +1 212-277-7100.

Is EXL a BPO company?

EXL is a leading industry of operations management and analytics. Founded in 1999, the company serves Insurance, Finance & Accounting, Healthcare, Transportation, Banking and Financial services, Automation, Benchmarking and BPO.

What is Fullform of EXL?


Acronym Definition
EXL Extended Learning
EXL Ethernet Accelerator
EXL Extradition Limitation (NCIC form datum)
EXL Expiration Notice (insurance)

Who is CEO of EXL company?

Rohit Kapoor (Apr 2012–)EXL Service / CEO

Who is the CEO of EXL?

What is the full form of EXL?

Which type of company is EXL?

EXL Service, also known as EXL Services (NASDAQ: EXLS), is a company that provides business process outsourcing services to global corporations. The company provides outsourcing services in the following areas: finance and accounting, legal processes, transactions, bill collections and customer services.

How is EXL Services Quora?

EXL gives you ample number of opportunities to grow professionally. Currently it’s one of the top analytics firms to work with. You can look for other options as well and join the one which fits your desired job profile. If you have more questions about EXL,you can message me on Quora.