Where is precision turbos located?

Where is precision turbos located?

Northwest Indiana
Our manufacturing facility, conveniently located in Northwest Indiana, has been a worldwide supplier of high performance turbochargers that have set the standard for uncompromised quality and unsurpassed performance since the late 1990s.

How much HP does Precision Turbo add?

Offering a 30-45 horsepower increase over similarly sized turbine wheel equipped turbos, the PT6266 CEA® is the perfect choice for those wanting to make more power without changing their current system.

How much does a Precision Turbo cost?

$5,649.99 USD
Priced at just $5,649.99 USD, Precision’s GEN2 Pro Mod 102 CEA® turbo is available with an industry-leading V-band inlet/outlet stainless steel turbine housing complete with an extended turbine discharge with cross-bolt provisions for added safety (turbocharger part number 93816431539).

Who makes precision turbos?

Precision Turbo and Engine was acquired by Wabtec for $13.8M on Nov 17, 2016 .

Are Precision Turbos water cooled?

The 46mm Precision Turbo and Engine PW46 water-cooled wastegate features the following: • Designed with a water-cooled top to combat against extreme heat.

What turbos are made in USA?

Bullseye Power Turbochargers – Proudly Made In The USA.

What’s the biggest turbo you can get?

Precision Turbo & Engine unveiled its massive 143-millimeter ProStock Tractor Turbocharger at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Indianapolis, Indiana, and it’s everything you never knew you needed. It is truly massive, but that won’t matter too much because it’s rated for up to 5,500 horsepower.

How do I choose a turbo for my engine?

In order to decide on the appropriate turbocharger for your diesel engine, the very first thing that needs to be established is the power target. Since turbochargers are sized by how much air they can deliver and airflow is proportional to engine power, a realistic horsepower goal is critical to make the right choice.